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Love To All of You

I would like to start this week off by reminding myself, and you, that all the tools for being the happiest, healthiest and most loving version of ourselves are readily available to each and everyone of us. 462 more words

Cape Time

For my Saturday shopping trip I went for a muted look with a statement necklace. I wore a H&M Basic  Grey Vest, Leggings and a Cape. 69 more words

Googly Eyes everywhere

Recently went to Artfriend, and last last night finally got to gluing some of these eyes on. Check it out.

Disclaimers; Muthaputha is not a language or a curse word. 114 more words

Simple Work

From Flickr: "Frontier defence on patrol" by chineseposters.net

Designer: Li Mubai (李幕白), Jin Xuechen (金雪尘), Zhang Biwu (张碧梧)
1978, May
Frontier defence on patrol
Bianfang xunluo (边防巡逻)
Call nr.: BG E13/639 (Landsberger collection) 11 more words

Made in Barcelona II: L'Nena Atelier

Many of my friends from Singapore make a beeline to Zara to buy clothes when they travel to Spain. Because it is purportedly cheaper to buy Zara items in Spain than in Singapore, especially after getting the tax refunds. 669 more words