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I like to sing, I sing in the bath, here’s a video of some improvised lyrics and melody, capella style:

Dream on, little lover in your lonely boat.
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New Book Feature

Noteworthy by Riley Redgate

She’s a girl (slash-guy) in a guys’ world

The wig came easily from my hairline, the cap damp with sweat. My fingers fumbled bobby pin after bobby pin from my hair, and locks of black cascaded around m y face, rippled with a curl. 128 more words

Young Adult

SAMAA: Carpooling Capella Guys Sing Bailando

Samma is a new vocal group comprised of members from the Chai Town Capella at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.   25 more words


A capella Music

A capella has come to mean vocal music without instrumental accompaniment. It originally was this, but the actual meaning is “in the manner of the chapel” – only voices were allowed to make music there. 271 more words


Dad-stronomy 101: Capella


Location: Auriga Constellation

Classification: Variable Binary Star

Distance: ~42 light-years

Alternate Names: Alpha Aurigae, Goat Star

Apparent Magnitude: 0.08

Meaning of Name: Latin for “small female goat” 66 more words

Dad Life

going out.

Anxious to bring your baby out for the first time? Not sure where to go or what to pack? Fret not!

Ideally, you should have bought a stroller with full recline or an ergonomic carrier in order to bring baby out. 453 more words

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