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Alumni Day 2015

The Year 12 induction process carried on two excellent traditions at the start of the new academic year: visits from 30 alumni to inspire and motivate the “next generation” of Sixth Form students; and an introductory programme devised by the Head Boy, Head Girl and Prefect Team, to welcome the new Sixth Formers and pass on wisdom from their own experiences. 337 more words

Kingsbury High School

How Modi’s Win Helped Boost India’s Ranks of Millionaires - India Real Time - WSJ

The ranks of the millionaires grew at a faster rate in India than anywhere else around the globe in 2014 thanks to the election of Prime Minister… 207 more words


Team Spirit - Our Value At Capgemini

Team Spirit helps us stay together as towards our goal we move ahead,

Keeps the ball rolling as we support each other without being said, 24 more words


Honesty - Our Value at Capgemini

Honesty lets us be truthful about our deliverables all the time,

It’s important for individuals as up the ladder they continue to climb,

Helps keep the expectations and our services in one line, 16 more words


Modesty - Our Capgemini at Value

Modesty helps us to enjoy the success but yet have our feet on the ground,

It imparts humility within the teams no matter how big a success they are bound, 29 more words


Freedom - Our Value At Capgemini

Freedom gives us the power to explore the world unknown,

To extend one’s ambitions beyond the fields that they have grown,

Strengthen one’s skills as they have complete control of their zone. 17 more words


Fun - Our Value At Capgemini

Fun builds energy as along with work many talents shine so bright,

Different platform for extracurricular activities as ambitions of many take flight,

Explore hidden talents which have been kept out of everyone’s sight, 12 more words