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I wish I had the time

The sound of your pen on the yellow paper
Is distracting me from capital budgeting
How can I concentrate when I imagine you as a hen? 92 more words

Break Time

No, closing Irish Water won't cost €7b

Closing Irish water wont cost €7b, nor anything like it. Today we read, based on internal (and therefore of course unbiased …) documents from Irish Water that to close it would cost “up to €7b). 549 more words



Capital budgeting is the process to identify, evaluate and implement investment decisions.
A company would seek investments that could improve their competitive advantage and increase shareholders’ wealth. 14 more words

What costs would be relevant when Amazon considers whether to operate its own cargo freight service?

Since its inception, Amazon has relied on third-party shippers, such as UPS and FedEx.  In 2013, Amazon experienced a wave of last-minute orders and bad weather left UPS and other shippers unable to deliver Amazon’s packages.  350 more words

Teaching Accounting

Money Today or Money Tomorrow, What's Better? - Intro to the Time-Value of Money

As I’m focusing on the concepts of corporate finance and finance in general this month, I wanted to start with one of the most basic yet powerful concepts there is when it comes to money and that is what’s called the… 399 more words

Corporate Finance

Why Multiple IRR?

For better understanding of the topic, we classify cashflows into two broad categories – Regular and Non-regular. Regular cashflows are those where the outflow is only once i.e. 562 more words