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Money Today or Money Tomorrow, What's Better? - Intro to the Time-Value of Money

As I’m focusing on the concepts of corporate finance and finance in general this month, I wanted to start with one of the most basic yet powerful concepts there is when it comes to money and that is what’s called the… 399 more words

Corporate Finance

Why Multiple IRR?

For better understanding of the topic, we classify cashflows into two broad categories – Regular and Non-regular. Regular cashflows are those where the outflow is only once i.e. 562 more words


Capital Budgeting Techniques-Practical Exercise

Kisim Tasol Ltd wishes to analyze a proposed project using the NPV method. The outlay on the project is K480 000. The organization has forecast the year-end flows shown in the table below. 380 more words


Capital Budgeting- IRR done. Illustration 15 and 19 solved.

Financial Management


Capital budgeting

One sum done. Not from textbook.

Financial Management

Navigating the Financial Maze with Capital Budgeting [By Hazel Yew]

“I can’t seem to make sense of the numbers.”

“I don’t know if this investment will pay off.”

“How do I ensure that my management team is making the right decisions when it comes to capital expenditure?” 507 more words

BDO Singapore

Coordinating Economic Development and Capital Planning

Government Finance Officers (GFOA) Brief: http://www.gfoa.org/coordinating-economic-development-and-capital-planning

Economic development strategies are used by many governments to accomplish long term objectives. They provide the context for polices and programs that governments undertake to attract and retain businesses, increase employment, or promote private investment in the community. 553 more words