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Capital Budgeting

Capital Budgeting

Select a government agency (local/state/federal) and develop a four- to five-page APA-style paper summarizing the following:

Harris County Texas

Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management… 76 more words

Capital budgeting

Capital budgeting is a tool used in business to determine the financial viability of a potential project. Net present value, internal rate of return, payback, discounted payback, and modified rate of return are some of the calculations used once businesses have a reliable cash flow budget for their project. 98 more words

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Capital Budgeting

Investment Analysis

There are some limitations in Accounting Basis:
Here cash flows in Accounting are based on Accrual Concept. I.e. accounting is based on earning irrespective of receipt. 5,528 more words

Strategic Financial Management

Being a Fiscal Impact City: Capital Budgeting and Asset Management


Last week we saw how adopting a fiscal impact perspective with the operating budget improves municipal sustainability. Even without doing formal analysis on every project, local leaders can start helping the community think in terms of the long-range costs and benefits of city service levels.  939 more words

Municipal Spending

Megaprojects and Capital Hangovers


Megaprojects are big, high-profile, long-term capital investments that typically costing over $100B. These projects are high-risk and are often finished over budget. Worse, many fail to make a real contribution to local or national economies. 679 more words

Municipal Spending

What information is relevant when deciding whether to laser tattoo fruits and vegetables instead of using paper or plastic stickers?

Every piece of fruit and vegetables sold in U.S. grocery stores has a small sticker on it. These stickers include food type, origin, and whether it was grown organically. 321 more words

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