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The Economic Efficiency of Digital Currencies

Bitcoin and other digital currencies are new kinds of money and exchange networks that are superior in nearly every way to state-controlled fiat money. Due to the fact that all monies are directly competing with one another as economic units, money create a zero-sum game of competitive economics against one another. 806 more words


September 16 - September 22, 2016

Chinese corporate debt…geez…Someone’s going to have to take a haircut. US pension crisis.


Inequality & the First Globalisation

A follow-up to my previous post, “Did inequality cause WW1? Contra Hobson-Lenin-Milanovic“, elaborating on the inequality=>capital exports link in Branko Milanovic’s overall inequality=>ww1 claim. 1,857 more words

Industrial Revolution

Emerging Markets Analysis – Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Country Focus: Philippines


This emerging markets analysis examines Philippine portfolio capital flows, recent performance and outlook of Philippine bonds / yields, equities, and the Peso from the perspective of an analyst/trader that utilizes fundamental, technical, quantitative, and intermarket analyses. 1,277 more words

Emerging Markets

Currency Volatility

Navigating  the macroeconomic currency risks going into the impending recession will be tough and I thought I would briefly comment on various currency regimes.  Currency risk is all-encompassing, and no asset class will escape. 440 more words

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