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Carry Trade & Capital Flows / Martin Armstrong

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Carry Trade & Capital Flows

by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Hi Martin, Could you please explain whether your Computer model integrates the Carry trade into its Algorithms, and what influence the Carry trade will have (if Any) in the 2015.75 Sovereign Debt Crisis. 83 more words


Will a Fed rate hike affect house prices in emerging markets?

Ambrogio Cesa-Bianchi and Alessandro Rebucci

In some parts of the emerging world, housing markets have grown well ahead of income in recent years.  Will a US monetary policy normalisation bring about a correction in house prices as the search for yield unwinds and capital flows back to the US?  989 more words


Why The Fed will have to raise Interest Rates ¤ Armstrong Economics ¤

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Why the Fed Will Have to Raise Interest Rates

by Martin Armstrong

The prospects of the Federal Reserve remaining on track to raise interest rates later this year are still settling in yet people fail to grasp that raising rates will be bullish and it will confirm the capital flows are moving into the USA. 64 more words

The Fractal Nature of Capital Flows - Government Running Wild / Armstrong Economics

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The Fractal Nature of Capital Flows – Government Running Wild

by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong, If bull markets are defined by currency flows, how do you explain the fact that the Chinese stock market has over doubled in 12 months? 79 more words

US-Asia trade imbalance

Westpac produce a very detailed chart pack on the US economy called Northern Exposure. One item that stands out like a sore thumb is the trade imbalance between the US and Asia: 194 more words

US & Canada

Help Me Emerging Markets; You’re My Only Hope

The weakness in retail sales from December through February didn’t jibe with the strength in employment and consumer confidence.   547 more words

In the first part of this article, I started a discussion on steps that Nigeria’s incoming administration under president Muhammadu Buhari, should take in effecting productive changes in the country. 784 more words

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