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All About Lettering turns 4

Thank you to all subscribers/followers over these 4 years. I will post some of my personal favourite posts in the next few days. Keep watching…[image – using discovered Rowney lion printing water colour tube, left second finger, drawn on concrete floor – actual size 170mm by 110mm. 19 more words


Something Xtra for the weekend: from U&lc magazine

U&lc was a typographic magazine published by the International Typeface Corporation between 1973 and 1999. During the early 1990s I was fortunate to be on the subscription list, with the illustrations shown here coming from the magazine’s 20th anniversary issue (northern Spring, 1993), appropriately showcasing the letter X (and double X). 104 more words


It's in the language

In English, the first person pronoun ‘I’ is always written in a capital letter. In Indonesian, the first letter of ‘saya’ or ‘aku’ is never capitalized (except when it starts a sentence). 101 more words

Language And People

1. De cuando decidí inscribirme en ese taller

Empezaré la crónica de este invento contando de dónde salió. Y de quién es la culpa (si es que culpa es la palabra adecuada). Todo empezó en el taller “La lectura del ilustrador” que dictó … 286 more words

Gustavo Puerta


I have ALWAYS been CONFUSED over what is the difference between the word CAPITAL and CAPITOL.

Let’s take a look:

CAPITOL: Capitol refers to the building in Washington D.C. 34 more words


Kings Play Chess On What?

If the sentence “Kings Play Chess On Funny Green Squares” brings back memories of high school biology, you know your way around taxonomy. It classifies organisms in an ordered system that indicates natural relationships. 367 more words