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Don’t Succumb To The Averaging Game

Averaging is the cardinal sin of investing

Let me begin with the caveat that, averaging your position is not theoretically wrong. Just that it does not work in practice. 952 more words

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Dividend yield is a good story but beware the trap...

The immediate beneficiary of any market correction (probably we can call this a carnage), is the now-famous dividend yield argument. To begin with, it is an extremely logical and seductive argument. 762 more words

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Why are emerging market currencies going into a free fall?

The 2% devaluation of the Yuan was the beginning of something that could become a contagion shortly. In fact, it has already started! Immediately after the Chinese devalued the Yuan, the Vietnamese Dong and the Kazakh Tenge sharply lost value. 639 more words

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What more you need to know about your income tax returns...

There is enough literature on how to file your income tax returns online. Hence, we will not focus overtly on that point. Currently, assesses with income exceeding Rs.5 lakh per annum need to necessarily file their tax returns online. 718 more words

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A P Shah Committee says “No” to retrospective MAT

The A P Shah Committee, which was appointed to delve deeper into the subject of MAT on FIIs, may be about to bring the matter to a satisfactory close. 453 more words

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Payment banks

How they can change the BBb landscape

During the week, the RBI licensed 11 entities to set up payment banks. These 11 were selected out of a total of 41 applicants; which means that the selection process has been quite stringent. 421 more words

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How To Grab That Secret Stock Multibagger

You must be aware that certain stocks have turned up incredible performances over the years. Had you invested in the Infosys IPO, appreciation would have been 85 times in 6 years. 1,042 more words

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