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Rebooting from the Risk – Return and Disappointment theory

Back from the long Diwali holidays, time to reboot on the markets, long breaks are always good to revive and get some thoughts from your near and dear ones. 661 more words

Behavioral Finance

Types of Financial Markets

Financial markets are often differentiated according to certain criteria. One of the most common ways to differentiate between various types of financial markets is according to the time character of the given financial product. 176 more words


Obama Humiliated: For The First Time, Congress Votes To Override President's "Sept 11" Bill Veto

Summary: US Congress, first the Senate and then the House, humiliated the president when it voted on Wednesday to override Obama for the first time in his eight-year tenure, as the House rejected a veto of legislation allowing families of terrorist victims to sue Saudi Arabia. 1,515 more words

Market Update : Asia,nikkie drops 1.4%

Asian market started trading with mixed mood.

0.5 percent decline is observed in Singapore’s Straits Time Index,Trading at 2,793.

1.4 percent decline is observed in Japan’s Nikkie  index,Trading at 16.382. 25 more words

Capital Market

ASBA - Boon for Retail Investors in Equity Shares

ASBA – Application supported by Blocked money for IPO (Equity Share Investors)

It’s again time for new IPO’s (Initial Public offerings), wherein companies offer their Equity shares to be bought by Retail and Institutional investors. 347 more words

Retail Investors



Important Meetings:

G20 Summit : 4-5 Sep 2016

BOE : 15 Sep 2016

BOJ & ECB : 21 Sep 2016

FOMC Meeting : 21-22 Sep 2016… 1,033 more words



Feel free to download the PDF for your ease of reference: VIETNAM CAPITAL MARKET AND PROJECT FINANCE

Dr. Le Net, LNT & Partners

Although Vietnam’s capital markets were established more than twenty years ago, the participation of Vietnam-based law firms i the markets, both locally and internationally, is still rare. 1,110 more words

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