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BBC News gets Israel's capital city right – and then 'corrects'

The saga of the BBC’s persistent refusal to tell its audiences that the capital city of Israel is Jerusalem is of course already long. Its most recent chapter began with a television report broadcast on BBC Two’s ‘Newsnight’ on October 14th. 369 more words


Thumbs up to BBC Capital's report on Tel Aviv

A recent BBC article about Israel garnered some rather surprised reactions on Facebook.

Tiffanie Wen’s September 3rd article about Tel Aviv appearing on BBC Capital… 240 more words


BBC Weather and a country called null

Thanks to @moidov for bringing the following to our attention via Twitter.

Of course the BBC – including its weather department – has long refused… 119 more words


Why does the BBC Trust's ESC pretend that the 1947 Partition Plan is a thing?

Readers no doubt remember that in the summer of 2012 the BBC’s Sports department produced a profile of Israel on its dedicated Olympics webpage which… 1,311 more words


Quote of the Day

FAREED ZAKARIA, CNN HOST: What would happen if Israel were to launch a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities?

HASSAN ROUHANI, PRESIDENT OF IRAN (via translator): Israel will not do that. 72 more words


Which country does not have a capital city on the BBC website?

The BBC News website provides its visitors with ‘country profiles’ which include a section titled “Facts”. Here are some examples, beginning with an old capital: 196 more words


BBC Weather doesn't know in which country Jerusalem is located

h/t KK

If, perchance, you decided to search for the weather forecast for London on the BBC Weather website you would also be offered the additional option of checking out the weather in the country in which that city is situated.  133 more words