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Boston Globe's Capital Withdrawal

Well the hardreading staff was leafing through the Boston Globe this morning and here’s what we found on Metro Page One:

Sure enough, the former stand-alone section occupied all of four Metro pages that featured – Motheragawd! 93 more words

USGS confirms small earthquake overnight near Richmond

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The U.S. Geological Survey has confirmed a small earthquake overnight about 24 miles west of the capital of Virginia.

The USGS reported on its website that the quake happened around 3:50 a.m. 48 more words


About the Wealth of Nations

Before departing for Colombia I spent some time pondering the nature of wealth in the modern world. To set some context, I was spending the holidays with family in New England. 425 more words

Subordinated Debt Means Last To Get Paid

Subordinated debt is like any other debt, borrowed capital, except with one crucial difference. It is debt that gets paid off last if the debtor goes into bankruptcy. 124 more words


The Events Capital of Australia

While I was in a lecture the other day, it was pointed out that Melbourne is the events capital of Australia. I refused to believe this. 371 more words