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State Flower: Forget Me Not

So in thinking for an emblem
For this Empire of the North
We will choose this azure flower
That the golden days bring forth, 1,332 more words

Netherlands becoming FDI 'round tripping' haven like Mauritius, Singapore?

With capital becoming globalised, international investors look for the minutest of opportunities across the world to improve return on their funds. Such endeavours, many a time, fall into the grey zone where the difference between legal and illegal becomes very thin. 1,168 more words

Boston Globe Leases Out Even More Editorial Content

The Boston Globe is selling itself for parts.

For three years now the hardreading staff has chronicled the $tately local broadsheet’s slapping corporate logos on a series of editorial material – from… 105 more words

"Hearts must change."

“A world in which one percent of humanity controls as much wealth as the other 99 percent will never be stable. I understand that the gaps between rich and poor are not new, but just as the child in a slum today can see the skyscraper nearby, technology now allows any person with a smartphone to see how the most privileged among us live and the contrast between their own lives and others.

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Ideally, aspiring entrepreneurs should work for a start-up AND a large company before starting up on their own

I think it is a good idea for aspiring entrepreneurs to get some experience of working with a startup as well as some experience of working in a large company. 331 more words


Money questions for startups

If you are the owner of a startup business, there’s a few questions you need to ask yourself, such as,

Capital, Class & Technology in Contemporary American Culture: Projecting Post-Fordism

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