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The China Debt Zombie

krugman.blogs.nytimes.com – Matthew Klein notes that Very Serious People are now worried that China’s troubles, which have caused it to switch rather suddenly from a buyer of Treasuries to a seller, will cause U.S. 133 more words


Vocabulary |Capital

Capital is used  in social studies to discuss all things that have value. Typically we use this word today when speaking of cash. However, capital is all your wealth, which can be anything that is valuable.


National's Park, a fun day in DC

I was fortunate to attend our company LCG Inc’s 2015 Summer Family Event at the Nationals Park. I sometimes follow Baseball, but this was the first time I was attending a game. 112 more words

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Love To Hate, 8 Differences Between French People And Parisians

‘Citizen of a country’s capital often feel a little bit special. More important than the rest of its country and maybe even a little better. A capital can often not be used to make generalizations about a national population. 55 more words


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Alors voilà,

Certes j’étais seulement en Première S, mais devant la montagne de démarches à effectuer pour rentrer, et s’inscrire dans les écoles on a convenu qu’une année supplémentaire cela laissait le temps de se retourner. 413 more words

Artificial Unintelligence

krugman.blogs.nytimes.com – In the early stages of the Lesser Depression, those of us who knew a bit about the macroeconomic debates of the 1930s, and realized how relevant the hard-won insights of Keynes and Hicks were to the post-financial crisis world, often felt a sense of despair. 93 more words