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Socialism or Capitalism, which do you prefer?

In a recent poll, when asked the question, what type of government would you prefer, 44% of millennials said they would prefer socialism and 42% said they would prefer capitalism.  1,251 more words

Brand Addiction - No Known Cure

Trying to raise your status is an objective in life and we can do this in many ways, I have no argument with this. My concerns are with what we do to achieve it and that in reality, the methods by which we raise our profile are firmly in the world of trivia and therefore are somewhat pointless. 4,518 more words

Go slow

My phone and I are very compatible. My phone is an iPhone 4 with two previous owners one of which was a four-year-old. I am a white girl born in 1988. 363 more words


World employers report

The history of capitalism is actually a combination of two histories: it’s a history of employers attempting to hire workers and develop new technologies to make profits and expand the reach of capitalism; it’s also a history of workers banding together to improve wages and working conditions and imagine ways of moving beyond capitalism. 602 more words

Fall or Fly ?

Heal my soul
Fulfill my high
Cross my heart
And hope to die
With my slice of Devil’s pie


The best revolution

The best revolution is the non-fought revolution. Every revolution as well as every war, every insurrection, every apparent change of political leadership is the necessary fuel of capitalism. 84 more words


Market Monday #1: Capitalists Addicted to Debt

Welcome to Market Monday! Check in every Monday for this weekly economic digest.

Capitalism has long had an addiction to debt, and this week’s headlines show that it is off the wagon again. 163 more words