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Netanyahu and Sen. War McCain to meet in Capitol to lead midnight circle jerk for more war!!!!

Many Senators and representatives of the House will be attending with rags to wipe their foul jism off each other after they beat the war drum and whack each other off. 19 more words


How Brave Are You?

Bravery has been defined as not the absence of fear, but in acting despite being afraid.

Marshaling one’s wits when afraid is, indeed, acting bravely. 193 more words


Art based on photograph by Massimo Percossi/EPA


Digital Guru

I’m selling secrets today and for just 4995 you can get yours!

Today and today only! It’s a One-Day sale!! I am selling secrets for the low-low price of 4995… 142 more words


The Return of the 19th Century

Originally posted by gjohnsit at DailyKos

A friend once told me that the wealthy elite didn’t want to just “roll back” the New Deal, they wanted to roll back the entire 20th Century. 2,690 more words


Karl Marx's alternative to capitalism - part 1

The reason why a person will identify themselves as a Marxist will be biographical, a product of their background, history and circumstances, their attitudes, character, personality and intellectual curiosity.  1,611 more words