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Zizek: First as Tragedy, then as Farce

In Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings there is a scene where Pippin takes the Palantir and looks in it, not realizing that he is giving Sauron access to his own thoughts (and also having access to Sauron’s). 302 more words

Book Review

MMT and Use-Value

This post is not intended to discuss the compatibility or incompatibility of Marxism and Modern Monetary Theory, at least not in a comprehensive way. Rather, it is intended to speculate about the relationship between MMT and one particular distinction upon which Marx’s whole system rests, namely the distinction between… 1,372 more words

Multitasking a la NETA

When you want a job at NETA, you think you know what you want. You see the Patient Service Associate behind the counter and admire their friendly, yet cool, demeanor. 1,227 more words


Report: Capitalism is Just Buying a Bigger TV Until You Die

After months of long study on the American consumer, we have a shocking report to share with you. According to the results of thousands of hours of footage, rows and rows of data, and something called a ‘pivot table,’ we have been able to deduce the essential heart of capitalism. 392 more words


Who are you making an effort for?

by Sam Turnbull

‘Who are you making an effort for?’ a phrase that casts a shadow on anyone, regardless of how bright their cut crease and matching lipstick combo may be. 636 more words