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Obama Signs Fast Track & TAA

The past week has been filled with monumental news stories– from the shootings of 9 African American church goers in Charleston and the subsequent funeral with… 347 more words


Nikolai Berdyaev: "The whole economic system of Capitalism is an offshoot of a devouring and overwhelming lust"

“The whole economic system of Capitalism is an offshoot of a devouring and overwhelming lust, of a kind that can hold sway only in a society that has deliberately renounced the Christian asceticism and turned away from Heaven to give itself over to exclusively to earthly gratifications. 135 more words

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Thoughts Regarding Pornography

I think we need to introduce health warnings for pornography similar to cigarette packaging e.g

warning: this audio visual material involves you consuming the sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual exploitation of female human beings…

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Women's Liberation


The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average presidential candidate.


West Side Melt

Love, there’s this Rub in my eye
and the ground and the soles of shoes,
fuck love it’s the speck
and speck it’s speck as it’s always been. 923 more words


The Moment of Instant Regret

There is an experience that we all will have at least once in our lives, although it will more than likely happen more than once, and it will spring out of the blue just as things seem to be going well to shatter your world and make you feel just awful. 1,361 more words


The Confederate Flag Waves in Utopia  


Despite Stephen Hawking’s claim that philosophy is dead, every single human action made by every human in Western culture, is, first and foremost, an action with ethical implications and secondly they all contains metaphysical assumptions— alas, philosophy exists in everything we do. 2,238 more words