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Narcissistic behaviours are hidden and embedded in different situations and layers of society

Narcissism: Fragile Bodies in a Fragile World

Coincidence or structural connection?

“Systems theory provides such an approach and can consequently be considered a field of inquiry rather than a collection of specific disciplines” (Laszlo, 1998). 1,295 more words

Generation Why

The Millennial generation (sometimes referred to as Generation Y) consists of those born roughly between the years 1980 and 2000. But to most people, it is a generation’s reputation that defines itĀ far more than chronological guidelines. 636 more words

Capitalism vs Karl Polanyi

This is the last episode of Capitalism series, by arte.tv.

I will write down my comments about the series later, as a person with an MBA background but later on found myself not in fond of capitalism. 193 more words

9 Problems with Money in 2015

1) Overall, Women are (still! hasn’t this been illegal!) paid less than Men in the same job. Women and Men have the same number of hours in a day and have the same working capacity. 228 more words

Thoughts & Perspectives

One stroke to remove inequality

Why does one acquires private wealth?

For his kin.

And why does man differentiates between ours and theirs or mine and yours?

Because he knows which person shares his bloodline. 568 more words

Food For Thought

Capitalism is just a story, let's make up our own

[Capitalism is Just a Story is a great new video from the Alnoor group in Kenya. Let’s make up our own story, together, as One World. 49 more words

Social Change

'Revolution' - It's Big But It's Not Easy (Chapter 9)

Even when re-reading this chapter I’m struggling to see the point of it. Is this chapter simply a deleted scene from My Booky Wook 4? I think it’s Brand’s attempt to silence critics who attack him for lecturing to the poor and hopeless from an ivory tower. 464 more words

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