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Pope Francis Calls for Broad Front Against Tyranny and Savage Capitalism

Dandelion Salad

TheRealNews on Feb 18, 2017

Matthew Fox and Paul Jay discuss the Pope’s message to social movements and comparing the European far right and the rise of Trump to Hitler.

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Drugs and Leisure: Play hard, work harder

Growing up, both in a small college mountain town and later in the Denver suburbs, my parents, mentors, and peers advocated a life of work hard-play hard (so long as the play was responsible). 957 more words

American Culture Program

Ideology and science in economics - some words to ponder

“We must go round about to find the roots of our own beliefs. In the general mass of notions and sentiments that make up an ideology, those concerned with economic life play a large part, and economics itself (that is the subject as it is taught in universities and evening classes and pronounced upon in leading articles) has always been partly a vehicle for the ruling ideology of each period as well as partly a method of scientific investigation.”

Joan Robinson (1962), Economic Philosophy, Ch.1

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Representative Lujan Came to Peñasco to Talk About Health Care


New Mexico Representative Steve Pearce’s staff locked his constituents out of his field office in Las Cruces last Thursday afternoon after they came to complain about the teleconference call he held where many people were also locked out. 982 more words

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#5 - Blame Corporatism Not Capitalism.

Millions of people get involved with the anti-capitalist agenda nowadays. However, I have news, you are wrong capitalism isn’t the problem, the real problem is corporatism. 578 more words


Michael Novak

Michael Novak died over the weekend. Samuel Gregg has a wonderful tribute at Public Discourse:

For in the end, Novak was always wrestling with distinctly religious questions. 107 more words