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To My Fellow Progressives: Stop Defending Hillary!

Hillary: “Pssst! And don’t you ever  bring up universal health care, free college tuition, or the word ‘socialism’ ever again, Bernie.” 

Bernie: “Okay, I told you, Hillary, I’m sorry, I’m sorry… ‘stronger together,’ remember?” 3,839 more words


Thought Of The Day. July 25, 2016

Instead of posting status updates on Facebook, I am now posting each apothegm, thought, observation, and witticism, here, as a Thought Of The Day.
Status updates on Facebook disappear into the ether and cannot be relocated by readers. 383 more words


What Westernized Adults Are Waiting For

Cars go by the windows
and Westernized adults
seem depressed
They wonder,
is this,
all this,
really a scam,
some sort of sham show… 112 more words




Whether you see it or not;

Seasons have changed,

Changed the man a lot

Days longer

And the man feels stripped bare;

Winter winds… 21 more words


Police Now Illegally Seize More Money than the Criminals*

Police Now Illegally Seize More Money than the Criminals*

By Damon Geller

Times continue to be terrifyingly desperate for fiscally insolvent federal and state governments. According to a recent bombshell from the… 1,228 more words


Rage against the machine, O lilies

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.

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Russell Brand

Violence and the Capitalist State

The capitalist state, by its very existence is extremely violent. It’s just that the violence perpetrated by the capitalist state is legalized and legitimized. Starvation, poverty, homelessness and want are all acts of violence carried out by the capitalist state against marginalized and oppressed peoples. 197 more words