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I Walk the Line

It can be difficult having liberal values in a capitalist and consumerist society whilst remaining a functioning person. The nature of these systems is that they force compliance through conditioning individuals to develop a reliance on aspects of those systems. 429 more words


The Brief Origins of May Day by Eric Chase

Dandelion Salad

Republished with permission from IWW

by Eric Chase
IWW, 1993
April 30, 2016

Most people living in the United States know little about the International Workers’ Day of May Day. 1,925 more words


Whether it’s overt, we must in this disavow capital

Capitalism cannot possibly continue to exist as it’s previously existed, predicated on the notion of infinite (limitless) growth. This the climate crisis makes abundantly clear. We are constrained by our environment, and must work within the constraints of that environment. 37 more words

St. Patrick's Cathedral and White Castle

On April 27th, the seniors were invited (more like required) to attend a mass in Manhattan. This mass was at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and took place in the morning and ended in the afternoon. 236 more words


U.K’s Electoral Commission calls for Police action over Ruling Party’s ‘unlawful’ election victory*

U.K’s Electoral Commission calls for Police action over Ruling Party’s ‘unlawful’ election victory*

By Ed Sykes

The Conservative party is currently under investigation over its campaign spending in the 2015 general election. 602 more words



At first we only heard them say, “You can be any thing you want to be,” Dreamers all, we didn’t pay attention to the rest of that line, “if you do as you are told.” It took us a decade or so to realize that they—parents, teachers, bosses, etc.—were only serious about the second part. 347 more words

Half-Heads: A Dominant Force in US Politics

Half-head”: this signifies a way of approaching problems that involves efficient thinking, where efficiency comes from an intensely selective focus. A half-headed approach could be a combination of unspoken or unconscious interests, the accumulation of taboos around certain subjects, the desire to appeal to select audiences, the product of an ideology—some or all of these, and perhaps a few more. 2,978 more words