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Jet example shows that Indian capitalism needs to be saved from capitalists

It’s lamentable that after 14 years as a publicly traded firm, operating in a capital-intensive, competitive, regulated industry, Jet was still allowed to carry on basically as Goyal’s fief. 453 more words


from the airwaves: Entitled Opinions, Quinn Slobodian on "Neoliberalism"


  • Term is used in different contexts for different purposes:
    1. A period of global capitalism; beginning in 1970s with oil crisis and break down of Bretton Woods system …
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Links for 24th April, 2019

  1. “Really? When is the last time you ran a search with DuckDuckGo? Too often, he seems to be stretching the evidence. He argues that, given the social aspects of the workplace, “companies are actually responsible for some of our most important relationships.” But that’s a function of work — not of corporate life.
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A Week in the Life 8

This time it was me seeing the week in the life, not you lot

Once again I have broken my sacred oath and it’s been 2 weeks since my last blog post rather thatn the usual 1. 2,572 more words

No Sign Congress Wants to Go Back to Work

If anyone at all harbored any hope that the U.S. Congress would go back to work after Special Counsel Robert Mueller issued his report on “Russian Collusion” stating there was none, those unfortunate hopeful folks need to abandon all optimism and go back to just shelling out tax money. 434 more words


Netscape and the rise of technocapitalism

Only ’90s kids will remember Netscape, the original browser of the Internet before the era of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. But what we didn’t realize was the impact Netscape had on capitalism, and the way it symbolized and perhaps even initiated a recomposition of political economy. 503 more words