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On Nation States

Nation States by their very nature tend to hinder the natural course of the human experience. The natural way of all sentient beings is a consistent and continuous quest for comfort. 501 more words


Changing the Capitalist System - We are closer than you think

I’ve recently changed computer operating systems, moving from Windows 10 to a version of Linux called Mint. I was motivated primarily by concerns about privacy and had grown weary of a computing environment that was constantly trying to sell me stuff I didn’t need. 494 more words


Sunday October 22, 2017

Smoke from a neighbor’s fire-pit filled the air. It was a crisp autumn night. I sipped a martini at a local bar, Clover’s references to the Commune reverberating unexpectedly, creating an updated sense of reality. 320 more words

At Will



term of art

social contract

default preservation

of natural rights

an enshrinement

of two-party choices

enabling a freemarket

freehand employment

it underscores truth

about systems of… 23 more words


A3 & A4 thoughts and reflection

A3 Assignment:

The readings, research and exercises should have led you to think about self portraiture in a variety of ways. Some practitioners deliberately play with ideas of fluidity and multiple selves, whilst still being anchored to a nominal self.

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Private Prison Company Corizon Responsible for Another Inmate Death

Marques Davis, a 27 year old inmate in Hutchinson, KS, died of a heart attack on April 12, 2017.

After pleading for months that something was… 376 more words