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Economic Thrill Rides

The following is excerpted from an editorial in Barron’s by Thomas Donlan. (Full article Barrons. Subscription req’d)

Central planning that is intended to eliminate chaos eventually creates it.

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A Research Post on how Racism, Capitalism, and Sexism created American Slavery (prelude)

I’ve been spontaneously researching this the last few days after I saw a post making a shocking claim that “only 1.4% of people owned slaves in 1860!”, followed by claims that the first slaveowner was in fact, black. 275 more words


The Seductive Power of London

Having lived in London pretty much continuously – bar a few months off here and there – for the past 21 years, at times it feels like being in a long-term relationship with the city. 825 more words


Is “White Skin Privilege” the Key to Understanding Racism?

Source: Is “White Skin Privilege” the Key to Understanding Racism?

We are up against a powerful class of people that we do not stand a chance against if we allow “the narcissism of small differences” (Freud) to continue dividing us. 109 more words

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Alienated from our Consequences

Capitalism ensures we are alienated from the horrors that result from the purchasing decisions we make.

Whether it be the child working in horrendous conditions that made our shirt, the slaves that caught the fish that is on our plate, the workers driven to commit suicide that assembled our phones, the lakes and water supplies polluted by the mining for precious metals in our laptops, the endangered forests destroyed to make the furniture we purchase, we are kept ignorant of how our purchasing decisions perpetuate injustices which we find intolerable. 270 more words

“Captive Vice”

A prison of the unrecognizable,
with its neon lights and alluring walls of velvet plushness-
solitary confinement with valet service

A bastille of vices, though seemingly enjoyable; 67 more words