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You Could Strike Sparks Anywhere: Life-Meaning in Capitalist Society

Hunter S. Thompson, c. 1960s

WRITTEN SATURDAY, MAY 26 — Another week of retribution & sadism…only a 4-day week of school & whatnot anyways, yet the drudgery takes hold. 2,554 more words


GMO and CRISPR Safety

A lot of leftist, know-nothing hippy types hate GMOs per se. They’re out of their goddamn minds. Genetic modification, especially CRISPR, is just a… 207 more words


Grocery shopping

It seems like my adopted hometown has way more grocery stores than my original hometown, even though they are about the same size.

My favorite locally-owned grocer went out of business a few months ago, so I have been thinking about how to save (because of course I am personally responsible for every single thing that happens everywhere) my second favorite locally-owned grocer, even though it has the highest prices in town. 253 more words

Marketing happiness

The capitalistic marketing of happiness works like this:  make everyone who feels anything other than happy believe that they’re mentally ill. (lots of unwitting foot soldiers involved in this, too — like the whole new age movement–who too often push delusional glee.) 374 more words

Mental Health

Generational Disaster: Debt-Laden Millennials Set Back By $140,000 Vs Their Parents — peoples trust toronto

As ZeroHedge readers are doubtless aware, massive student loans have become an anchor around the necks of millions of young graduates – who are finding it increasingly difficult to break out from under the yoke of crippling debt.

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There Are 101 Americans With Over $1 Million In Student Loans — peoples trust toronto

Astronomically high college tuition facilitated by a bottomless ocean of student loans has saddled Americans with a record $1.48 trillion in non-dischargeable debt – an amount which has more than doubled since the 2009 lows.

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Let's Talk Language

I think there’s some adult language in this site. Woops!

I think there’s some adult content in your life. And I’m actually talking about exactly the opposite of what you’re thinking. 293 more words