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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Charity can be presumptuous.

Around the world, the charitably-inclined pay to ship nets, build schools, or dig wells, without asking why these goods weren’t available before or even whether having them would solve any problems. 31 more words


Capitalism Invades Relationship

Capitalism Invades Relationship

A phenomena I have noticed, which may happen to other people aside from me, is that I find myself operating as an unwitting agent of the capitalist system. 323 more words

Why Capitalism Will Never Save the Climate

I often hear that the Biblical views on the sinfulness of wealth, the need for simplicity and the universal calling to economic equality are radical ideas. 535 more words

Justice & Economics

The Ethics Of... Capitalism

It may not be immediately clear to the casual reader, but I come from a social and professional background that tends to favour the left-hand side of the political spectrum… 1,884 more words

Neo Slavery

Hola Everybody,
I keep coming back to this piece, which is an short version of a larger chapter in the book-I-will-ever-write. LOL My blog is sometimes an experiment where I continue to revisit some rants again and again. 880 more words

A Room of One’s Own: Weaponized Capitalism in Lauren Oliver's “Delirium” (By Meagan B and Ella L)

Lena, the protagonist of Lauren Oliver’s Delirium, is a character that has inspired much debate in our class. She is anxious, obedient, and unassertive, especially in comparison to Hana. 1,545 more words

Failed Weapons Systems Cost Pentagon $58bn over Two Decades*

Failed Weapons Systems Cost Pentagon $58bn over Two Decades*

The Pentagon loves to throw good money after bad ‒ to the tune of nearly $60 billion on failed big-ticket weapons systems over the last two decades, according to a new internal Department of Defense review. 566 more words