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Honor Has No Place At A Sleepover

There’s a moment at the end of Christopher Nolan’s Batman: The Dark Knight, where Batman signs up to take the fall for Harvey Dent’s death (and all the mess that led up to it). 550 more words

everyone is stupid...

Recently I read an article by Nicholas Carr called Is google making us stupid? this article basically was talking about how in the age of information people are becoming well stupid. 110 more words


yell in the face of treacherous, ugly underwater hidden beasts that rule our society

What strikes me on a daily basis is how much I relied on my role as a teacher to cement my sense of a purpose in this world; that is what I miss the most about teaching. 438 more words

Public Service Announcements

Facebook Is Collaborating With the Israeli Government to Determine What Should Be Censored

Last week a major censorship controversy erupted when Facebook began deleting all posts containing the iconic photograph of the Vietnamese “Napalm Girl” on the ground that it violated the company’s ban on “child nudity.” Facebook even deleted a post from the prime minister of Norway, who posted the photograph in protest of the censorship. 1,433 more words

Capitalism Shapes Body Image and Self-Esteem.

Body Image is and has been a major issue within our society, especially concerning young females. Factors such as clothing, television and advertisements sets a standard for all people not only in this country, but also around the world. 302 more words


Why do I consider myself a fool?

Among other things, I can easily attribute it to the repetition of bad habits.

I complain too much about how capitalism is progressively deteriorating society. How it begins to put actual physical weight on the notion of ‘value’, and starts to buy and sell our souls and dignity for the sake of ‘value’. 85 more words

Scandinavian "Socialism"

In the past the Nordic Model of economics has been applauded as a socialist democracy, and a better alternative to capitalism. Many liberal politicians applaud the socialist economy in scandinavian nations, whose economies are actually based in capitalist ideas. 111 more words