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The Con of the Century

Working class voters who elected Donald Trump hoping that he would be a populist champion should see by now that they’ve been conned. After campaigning on promises of “draining the swamp” and bucking the elite establishment, … 585 more words

Climate Change

A 3-ringed circus, I think not!

Capitalism let you


Along with your mother

and that loser


you grew up in

Government departments and

those non-profit organizations

People in parliaments…

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Kait King Author

By What Standards? – “Efficiency” and the Market Economy

Capitalism, and market economies in general, but especially capitalism, are guilty of terrible crimes against humanity. They are guilty of poverty and of war, of inequality and competition, nationalism and hatred, of subjugation, oppression, domination, and thought-control. 1,249 more words


The Myths and Marketing of Moore’s Law

Moore’s Law won’t end. Even when it ends it won’t end.

The Law follows that more components can be crammed into an integrated circuit with developments in technology over time. 288 more words


2003 - the Year Capitalist Romania Denied the Holocaust

Romania was just one willing ally of Nazi Germany during WWII, the troops of which assisted the German invasion of the Soviet Union.  However, outside of Nazi Germany, Romania remains the next biggest killer in the holocaust of WWII – with an estimated 400,000 Romanian Jews (and other minorities) murdered.   165 more words

Leftwing Political Analysis

Will America Rise from its "Comatose" State?

In view of Trump’s Victory at The Elections, I’m republishing the following discussion between me and an American for the readers of this blog.  

By Con George-Kotzabasis… 1,179 more words