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Your Denim is Distressing Me

Why your pre-ripped jeans are everything that is wrong with the world – or at least capitalist production and consumption. 

On every high street in the UK, a sea of knobbly knees peeking out from ripped jeans, will greet you as you pass by. 475 more words


On Vassal Shilling

In reply to a Nation Facebook post on 27 May 2015:

Capitalism is, for all intents and purposes, a zero-sum construct (feudalism’s better rationalized nephew) that can only grow — domestically or globally — at another’s expense . 51 more words


A Film About Economic Democracy

Can We Do It Ourselves? A Film About Economic Democracy

Patrick Witkowsky, Jesper Lundgren, Andre Nystrom and Nils Safstrom (2015)

Swedish with English subtitles

Film Review… 396 more words

Going Noncorporate

Metamorphosis: A review

Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” chronicles the life of a traveling salesman named Gregor Samsa, after he mysteriously wakes up one day transformed into a hideous giant bug. 259 more words


John Oliver isn't Mad Max, he's part of the problem

When I was first recommended John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, I knew it wouldn’t be the last time. Oliver had the benefit of coming from… 2,739 more words