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Office Space (1999, s/d. Mike Judge)

That ridiculously underrated film that gave us so many memes and briefly explained capitalism.


Principles of my ideology

  1. To establish a society where work is voluntary and limited to only a few hours a day but every person must contribute to the society in a way they would love to.
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It's All One Thing #222: Karl Marx in the 21st Century


Like Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Karl Marx in the 21st Century
sits at the controls of the rocket ship to nowhere now known as now here… 412 more words


Why Have Democracy When You Have Capitalism?

Americans see empathy as weakness so why help the weak when you can exploit them? Why donate the food you waste? Someone weak will pay a poor person’s meal. 77 more words

Do normal folks know this?

From the Root here:

Even though the NRA boasts 4.5 million members (a dubious claim most researchers don’t believe), the NRA’s influence doesn’t come from its member rolls.

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The Best Way To Stop Social and News Media Bias and Censorship

Candace Owens of Red Pill Black fame alterted her followers on Twitter today that the social media company is doing something tantamount to purging conservative accounts in what is known as a #twitterlockout. 334 more words


US socialists struggle to respond to school shooting, gun control

The US SocialistWorker.org (nothing do with the British SWP) struggles to formulate a coherent response in this well-meaning but somewhat vacuous article that ducks the issue of gun control and falls back on truisms and banalities about “U.S imperialism, racism and oppression”.  1,723 more words

Human Rights