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I, Marxist

It is not for the theater alone, but the theater itself would justify the moment in each class I teach when I out myself as a “communist” (pausing, then clarifying the whole communist-socialist-Marxist mess that most Americans cannot untangle). 796 more words



I am now writing a weekly column for the Observer. It is actually a weekly page with two articles, one long, one short. This week’s articles were on… 789 more words


War = Capitalism, Capitalism = War by William Bowles

by William Bowles
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Investigating Imperialism
London, England
January 22, 2018

Before I go any further with this let me state that I’m not a Trotskyist, or a Leninist, or a Stalinist or a Maoist (but I might have been all of the above, with exception of Maoist, at one time or another). 1,977 more words


How to Make Capitalism Work In Our Favour

Capitalism and making money has been the driver of an unprecedented amount of animal misery and death in the last half century or so, as our ability to squeeze out more meat, eggs and dairy for less cost and more profit skyrocketed. 76 more words


The Opposite Of Capitalism Is Consciousness

In this post, I will explore some dependencies creating the foundation upon which late-stage capitalism in the United States operates that if extricated would implode the global financial system. 1,845 more words

Donald Trump

Environmental issues in space?

At the 11th Annual Philosophy, History, and Politics Conference (held at TRU, Jan 19-20), Michael Byers, Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at UBC, gave a talk titled, “Elon Musk, President of Mars?” 167 more words

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