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Cause of death: late-stage capitalism

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, in 2015 average life expectancy in the United States dropped, from 78.9 years to 78.8 years, the first time that’s happened… 953 more words

United States

Yes, Throw the Celebrity Clowns Away

Regular readers will know that one of the most unfair and purist things I do on this blog is to quote people like John Oliver… 2,095 more words


The status quo can’t last

by Nicola Lawlor writing in the December 2016 Socialist Voice published in Dublin by the Communist Party of Ireland

The research team at Deutsche Bank published a report in September under the catchy title “Long-term asset return study: An ever-changing world,” looking at the likely prospects for capitalism over the next thirty-five years. 573 more words


Farewell to Matyora

Experts Predict the Closure of All Rural Hospitals by 2023 
Ilya Nemchenko
December 9, 2016

If the number of social welfare institutions continues to decrease at the same pace, there will be no hospitals in rural areas within seven years. 699 more words


Capitalism and Culture

The ubiquitous influence of capitalism and the surface similarities of life here had me thinking that Turkey has way more in common with England than I had assumed before I came to live here. 2,645 more words

A Presidency Designed for Personal Profit

Trump doesn’t give a damn about America. His ambition to become the President of the United States is a ploy to enhance his personal wealth. He will likely achieve his goal with billionaire Robert Mercer pulling his strings. 698 more words

This Country Will Self-Destruct In Five, Four….   (2016Dec09)

Friday, December 09, 2016                                               10:08 AM

But what really bothers me is the end of the-world-as-I-know-it. Between the loss of habitats, shrinking species diversity, toxins and pesticides, we may well be able to kill ourselves off, even before we reach overpopulation, extreme global warming, or killing the oceans. 792 more words