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Whether you see it or not;

Seasons have changed,

Changed the man a lot

Days longer

And the man feels stripped bare;

Winter winds… 21 more words


Police Now Illegally Seize More Money than the Criminals*

Police Now Illegally Seize More Money than the Criminals*

By Damon Geller

Times continue to be terrifyingly desperate for fiscally insolvent federal and state governments. According to a recent bombshell from the… 1,228 more words


Rage against the machine, O lilies

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.

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Russell Brand

Violence and the Capitalist State

The capitalist state, by its very existence is extremely violent. It’s just that the violence perpetrated by the capitalist state is legalized and legitimized. Starvation, poverty, homelessness and want are all acts of violence carried out by the capitalist state against marginalized and oppressed peoples. 197 more words


Passing for Politics

by Asad Haider

Today’s politics of identity — the epoch of trigger warnings, microaggressions, and privilege-checking — was already the subject of debate in a 1964 exchange between Amiri Baraka, then still known as LeRoi Jones, and Philip Roth. 5,653 more words


CFP | Organizational Behaviour and Theory Track @ASB 2016 in Halifax

Call for Papers to the Organizational Behaviour and Theory Track @Atlantic Schools of Business Conference 2016 in Halifax, October 21-13, 2016

The Organizational Behaviour and Theory track of ASB is sympathetic to papers that explore the relationship between the behaviour of people in organizations and individual, group and organizational outcomes. 142 more words


Brexit and the Failure of the Third Way

I recently picked up a handful of second hand New Left Review journals in a local bookshop, varying in date from 1977 to 2000. They include a number of interesting articles, but following the referendum campaign in the UK and the impact of the populist right “Brexit” campaigners I found… 732 more words