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The War State

The Cold War Origins Of The Military-Industrial Complex And The Power Elite, 1945– 1963 by MICHAEL SWANSON

Why Read this book?

You might be wondering why read a book about things that happened between 1945-1963? 479 more words

Book Reviews

Water Privatization- the quest for control of humanity

At a spiritual retreat six years ago, I had an overwhelming vision (of the future?): Giant ice caps melting, water, water, water, the human struggle for clean water. 2,449 more words


The Forest

The Tree says “Down! – thee
seeds and sapling usurpers
“I am the root and I the purpose
“Know my bark, it keeps me strong.” 181 more words


Anti-capitalism at it's lamest?

That is one of the lamest depictions of capitalism I’ve seen. It reminds me of lame religious parables.


Akira Narusawa: "The Social Order of Modern Japan"

Capitalism is first and foremost a mode of production, the division of society into an exploiting capitalist class whose existence is predicated on extracting surplus value from the proletariat. 1,305 more words