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Marx, White Supremacy and the Left

By Teka Lark

There is a saying, “The white man’s water is colder.” That saying references how within white supremacy white people’s pain, ideas and creativity are more real than non-white people’s. 833 more words



Interest in what Jesus was like and exactly what he said has grown in tandem with the awareness that Christian doctrine as we have it was not what he had in mind.  2,276 more words


Armed commando murders a member of Las Abejas

Last week, the Civil Society Las Abejas organization of Acteal (hereafter, Las Abejas) issued two public denunciations. The first described the murder of their compañero Manuel López Pérez, a member of Las Abejas, as well as fear for the lives of his wife and 11-year old son. 960 more words


Independence Day Poem

The patriots are stuck fooling themselves
There are no nations, only corporations
Governments who manipulate the people

The peasants are conditioned
By a state-run media, the officials are bought… 147 more words


Fire to the Houseprojects!

Fire to the Houseprojects! A Manifesto For Berlin

“In spite of its tremendous potential, struggles in Berlin seem everywhere to get stuck in dead-ends. At the risk of provoking indignation, we seek to identify some obstacles that block the self-overcoming of the present situation, and in this way to open up a genuinely strategic and tactical discussion about how we might begin to move again. 452 more words


Right through the indulgent parts

I get behind a guy in the Costco parking lot who’s got a buck with gnarled antlers next to a sticker of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes peeing on the name Obama, and next to that, it’s a take-off on the family car decals but a row of rifles that says My Family, all caps. 567 more words


How Can Anarchism Work in the Twenty-First Century?

In 1939, the Western World’s first (and considering there was a civil war going at the time, noticeably stable) Anarchist state – a part of Catalonia seized by Anarcho-Socialist Unions during the Spanish civil war – was crushed by General Franco. 2,131 more words