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Election parties are just excuses for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres right?

After reading a series of articles on voting, the latest of which (including links to the rest of the series) can be viewed here, I decided to publish my thoughts written a few months ago after the Mid-Term elections in the United States. 1,121 more words


Adventures in Capitalism Part 1

I blame a big portion of my success on a minor car accident.

No, seriously.

I was fresh out of college, young, spry, and not yet privy to the evils of the world for the most part.   686 more words


Timo Schmitz: "Solidarity" (2015) [PDF]

This is Part 5 of my series “Individualism between Moral and Virtues, Government and Religion”.



Online Articles


Zombie Capitalism

Strange and ridiculous summarizes last night’s dream.

My brother Erik and I were tasked (by whom is unknown) to organize a discussion between… 643 more words


Why Dambisa Moyo Is Wrong To Say Aid Is Dead, And Why Her Alternatives Are Troubling

In her widely acclaimed book Dead Aid, Dambisa Moyo argues, as the title suggests, that aid is not working for the state of Africa, proclaiming instead that there is “another way” for the continent. 3,774 more words

Paddy Vipond

Occupy Main Street

ma chère penchons sur les filons géologiques 

(my dear let us lean on geographical veins)

Aimé Césaire

As February draws to a close, the long, cold winter is finally releasing it’s grasp on the sweet land of liberty. 701 more words

Civil Rights

What's Good for Big Business is not Necessarily Good for Us

The Labour Party have argued that necessary, albeit seemingly minor, economic adjustments have to be made in order to tackle growing inequality. Such adjustments, it appears, pose a threat to those who ostensibly profit from that inequality. 790 more words