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From Nuclear Doctrine to Anti-abortion Laws, Deterrence forms the Basis of the Destructive Manichaean Worldview

In May 2019, it was a striking co-incidence to see several American states adopt strict anti-abortion laws during the same weeks when the Trump administration was talking up threats of war with Iran. 2,049 more words


How Can You Make Sustainable Global Capitalism a Reality?

Illustration from Genis Carreras

It is difficult not to see the flaws in our consumer-oriented capitalist culture. Or, at least, that is the thought I had as I lay sprawled out on the Jersey shore, watching propeller planes drag advertisements across the horizon. 560 more words

Responsible Consumption

Capitalism, Greed and Self-Interest

It is not at all uncommon to hear modern critiques of
capitalism citing “greed” as the root problem. Capitalism is sometimes defined
as greed. Often it is said that capitalism cannot work without greed. 645 more words


Wendell Potter: Medical Insurance Companies Can Decide Who Lives and Dies, Parts 1-7

Dandelion Salad

Trump and Pelosi Both Cater to Private Health Insurance – RAI with Wendell Potter (1/7)

TheRealNews on Apr 4, 2019

Trump’s “great healthcare plan” and opposition to Medicare for All’s “socialism” and Pelosi’s defense of the ACA and opposition to single-payer are both aimed at garnering support from the private insurance industry.

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Capitalism Vs Socialism is Gibberish

One of the Republican Party’s main strategies for 2020 is to campaign against “socialism” and for “capitalism.”  The reality in 2020 is that neither of those words has any semantic meaning.  1,125 more words

Neoliberal Failures

Capitalism Will Fall: Not a Matter of If, but a Matter of When

by Daniel de Klerk

It is absolutely true that there is no such thing as “free stuff.” Everything has a cost and that cost can come in both the form of concrete labour or that of abstract value and means of exchanging. 575 more words