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What Makes a Good Employee? (or the rant of an extremely salty ex-employee)

Long time no post. Something’s really come to my attention recently though and I thought it might make for an interesting post (or at least, a post which raises interesting questions). 1,133 more words

Social Issues

Peter Bratsis on the Greek crisis: The materiality of power and the physics of change (Part I)

By Peter Bratsis *

Societies are self-created from the ground up, political power has a materiality and momentum that can not easily be redirected or undone or wished away.

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Primer, Pt. 6: On Dealing with the Nonsense

It’s no secret that if one’s fundamental character is antithetical to what is accepted as social commonplace; one’s moral compass is pointing in a different direction to that which most other people’s moral compass points and one’s attitude to life and the universe is in direct opposition to what is held as the present norm, then difficulties will arise. 1,913 more words


Why capitalism doesn’t work

There are lots of reasons why capitalism doesn’t work. Some of them are ethical, some are about resource distribution, waste, and environmental harm. There’s not a lot of point arguing with a pro-capitalist from this basis, so I prefer to pick holes by other means. 597 more words

The Quiet Revolution

Harvey, D., (2007 [1982]) Limits to Capital, New and Fully Updated Edition, Verso Books

Title: Harvey, D., (2007 ) Limits to Capital , Verso Books

Date Started: November 2014

Reason for reading: In November 2014 a group of post-graduates and lecturers from the Department of Geography at King’s College London, myself included, started on the epic journey of having a reading group for David Harvey’s seminal 1982 work… 39 more words


Fallow Time: Idleness Is a Virtue

Work is a very human concept. If the animals related closest to us are acquainted with its tedium, it is because they are domesticated by us and forced to aid us in our endeavours. 1,206 more words


Mondragon and co-ops

1.”A study of eleven Mondragón subsidiaries in the Kunshan German Industrial Park in China (there are nineteen total in China) compared coop-owned factories with foreign-owned capitalist firms. 689 more words