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Socialism Vs Capitalism: A Heart Vs Mind Debate

It’s been a long time I have been contemplating on writing an article on capitalism, in fact a book if people can bear with! At last I could manage a piece. 861 more words


Turning national parks into corporate profit centers

Given the corporatization of ever more commons, we may yet be visiting Golden Arches National Park or Disneyland Dinosaur National Monument. Even if the most extreme right-wing plans to auction off public lands don’t ever come to fruition, ongoing neglect can only promise creeping corporate colonization of the United States National Park system. 8 more words


Quote for the day - September 3

“The modern West cannot tolerate that men should prefer to work less and be content to live on little; as it is only quantity that counts, and as everything that escapes the senses is held to be non-existent, it is taken for granted that anyone who is not in a state of agitation and who does not produce much in a material way must be ‘lazy’”. 9 more words


Retirement Plan B: Follow the Freegans

If my retirement plans fail miserably–a low probability but nevertheless possible–I now have a Plan B: I’ll be a political freegan. I first learned about freegans in Lauren Weber’s “ 472 more words

Plan B

The Effects of Outsourcing

Contrary to popular (and indeed ignorant) belief, outsourcing labor is not a harmful business decision made so some fat cat CEO can buy not one, but two beach houses in Malibu with profits made from running a sweatshop. 1,494 more words


Death of capitalism; bring it on

Capitalism is nourished by growth. Without growth it cannot survive. It’s a function of the debt-based monetary system which requires growth to cover future interest commitments. 50 more words


And you wonder why Trump and Sanders are living large!

From CBS News:

The number of U.S. residents who are struggling to survive on just $2 a day has more than doubled since 1996, placing 1.5 million households and 3 million children in this desperate economic situation.

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