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Does big business serve us or do we serve big business?

Thorstein Veblen, the controversial American economic historian and philosopher who died in 1929, just before the Great Depression, understood the capitalist mode of production better than most.   1,180 more words


Global Corporate Charters


So, I’ve been researching and teaching about the expansion of the global capitalist system for decades.  From all the research I’ve done, it strikes me as just about inevitable that business will soon break away from its national charter licence system to one that is supra-national. 248 more words


Prawns production in Bangaladesh!

Bangladesh has become one of the biggest exporters of prawns in the world.

For 30 years, many people in the country’s south have made a lot of money by farming the crustaceans, also known as shrimp in North America. 105 more words

Secondhand Daylight

From a musical perspective, the ‘70’s brought us disco, big hair stadium acts, pretentious prog rock and the first defective strains of punk.

Disco and the big hair crowd were mostly clueless mainstream commercial acts celebrating the soon to come neoliberal tsunami of class warfare that was drawing a bead on middle class America. 2,907 more words

Corporate State

It's about time I publish a new post!

Not much action on this blog lately! Truth of the matter is that I got very ill early in March and stayed that way for most of the month. 1,577 more words


VIEW: Inequality hurts BC's economy and democracy | The Hook

John Peters from Laurentian University is in Vancouver on Thursday, March 14 (today) at 7 p.m. for  a presentation at the Rhizome Cafe, 317 East Broadway of the book he edited called: Boom, Bust and Crisis: Labour, Corporate Power and Politics in Canada.   49 more words

Roger Albert

The Tyee – Canada's Reckless Banks Inflate House Price Bubble

The Tyee – Canada’s Reckless Banks Inflate House Price Bubble.

I’m back after having a nasty flu for the past 2+ weeks.  This article by Murray Dobbin lays out a scenario for a future crash in the ‘Canadian’ housing market.   79 more words

Roger Albert