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Minions: Review and Discussion

HA I TRICKED YOU This really isn’t a review of Minions. I’ve heard all sorts of things though. Notably, it’s a piece of shit with no plot, direction, or characters to speak of, and it’s made a shit ton of money despite basically being a 2-hour commercial for plushies. 581 more words


Ticketmaster can Shove It

It’s not as if I learned something I didn’t already know today. The world is driven by money; it shouldn’t shock me to have the fact thrust in my face, but it did. 866 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

"Prep for Black Friday:" Pig-Corporate Capitalism at its Worst!


1) the fact of being required or indispensable
2) an indispensable thing.

“An indispensable or required thing:” food, clothing, housing, health care, freedom from the fear of being tortured and murdered.

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Political/Social Issues

"The Sorcerers' Idea..."

Needless to say, the insane gluttony of the power-elite few is difficult to comprehend. I can’t begin to fathom what it would take to ever satisfy these monstrous gluttons’ psychotic, genocidal appetites, beyond, of course, completely ruling this world? 1,241 more words

Political/Social Issues

Another company on my boycott list

I read a heartbreaking report Thursday about a plant that is closing in Montreal, putting its unionized people out of work, as well as its non-unionized people. 397 more words


D.A.R.E. To Keep Kmart Free of Scam Artists

Today I went to Kmart to get a clothesline and some pants hangers with the clips on them. Well, I found some clips you can add on to the all plastic kind of hanger, which I have tons of. 481 more words