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Che storia raccontano le primarie in New Hampshire

Quando annunciò di voler scendere in campo, dapprima come indipendente, poi come disturbatore in campo democratico, Bernie Sanders fu trattato dai vertici del partito come lo zio di Brooklyn, un po’ matto ma fondamentalmente innocuo. 567 more words


Knowing our left from our right, Part Five: Get real, get utopian!

Hi! Welcome to this series of posts about the left-right divide in politics. Here’s the story so far…

In the first post, I argued that the media portrays anything even remotely left-wing as ‘extreme’, ‘hard’, or ‘far’ left. 2,151 more words


How Michael Hill’s “We’re for love” ad expresses love for capitalism

Advertising can be seen as capitalism’s love letter to itself (Schudson, 1986). Michael Hill’s 2015 jewellery advertisement, “We’re for love” is no exception. Advertising plays a key role in justifying and reinforcing the capitalist mode of production. 2,092 more words


The Corbyn After-Effect

Win he did. And how. Although the petty vindictiveness of the #LabourPurge was real, it wasn’t enough to materially affect the result, and has arguably strengthened Jeremy Corbyn’s mandate.  2,142 more words

Beautiful Revolutionary Dreams

Life in the Land of Giants

Of course, all the ridicule in the world wasn’t enough to stop the worst happening, so now we find ourselves living in a land of giants and trying not to feel too grateful if we’re not the ones getting squashed. 932 more words


 "Stop being afraid" – Jam City and radical politics in dance music

Listen to Jam City’s NTS mix

I have zero time for the common refrain of middle-aged music journalists, “why is there no political music nowadays?”. It’s a question that’s lazy at best and disingenuous at worst. 942 more words