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Looking Beyond Capitalism: An Introduction to my Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog, my name (or well alias) is black mage. I’m a political commentator who is interested in many topics ranging from economics to civil rights. 653 more words

Black Mage

Demons and Disjunction (Patchwork and Capitalist Realism)

A great new post series is in the works by Xenogoth, pushing out from the reflections on state decay to The Gothic Secession of Yorkshire… 1,867 more words

Oval Office - CCCS III

The Anti-Costume approach: Oval/Popp is challenging music “with a big M” for 25 years – most of all in discourse. Now, if gaming or perfume can be “the next music”, what then is music? 26 more words


Wednesday February 14, 2018

A curving rainbow path extends from a tiger’s eye viewed in profile against a starry background. In the time it would take for these stars to blink, the eye’s lower half morphs into the Millennium Falcon, out of which emerge tentacles composed of rows of cutouts of mechanically reproduced bees. 84 more words

Sunday January 21, 2018

Everywhere I walk, I’m surrounded by boring, meaningless garbage, interrupted only by the beauty of birds, leaves, and sunlight. My neighbors splay across the bumpers of their cars stupidities like “I’ll Cheer for Duke When They Play Al Qaeda.” Cargo boxes and credit form a world. 108 more words

Sunday January 14, 2018

If the totality desires mystical mumbo-jumbo, who am I to deny it? Mind combined with grind, and still I came up short. Boxed in on all sides. 103 more words

Monday January 1, 2018

Our journey north having reached its conclusion, on the books as a two-week endurance test, a struggle, self-realization limited, Sarah and I head home to our southern clime, stopping off for the night in a filthy roadhouse inn. 139 more words