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Day 147 - The Dome at Blue Hour

Day 147 – Blue Hour at the Idaho Capitol Building (2 images)


Very HOT and SUNNY day in #Austin, #Texas! #atx #hotday #auatintexas #capitolbuilding (at Congress Ave Downtown Austin)

So last week I had the amazing opportunity to chaperone my little sister Jewel’s 8th grade class to Washington DC/ New York and let me tell you right now that it was the most tiring, but fun experiences I have done. 251 more words


My experience as an FBI Agent for a weekend

Hey Everybody! Since Sarah wrote about a wonderful trip she took with her Mom and Sister I thought I would write about one of the COOLEST trips I have probably ever been on to Washington D.C. 1,029 more words


Washington, DC

2/17/15 – 2/18/15

The first thing I noticed when I got to Washington DC was how awfully quiet the city was. It was only 4pm on a work day but it seemed strangely devoid of activity downtown. 288 more words


Architecture of the Capitol Building

by, Hannah Haynes

Connecticut’s Capitol building, known for its Romanesque architecture, was designed in 1874. The Capitol’s famous gold leaf dome is a beacon that can be seen throughout Hartford. 102 more words


Petty, Spoiled, Childish, Little Brats...

So what a week it’s been here in Wisconsin watching Walker and his goons operate.  On Tuesday, March 1st, Walker gives his my way or the highway budget address which is then followed by any and every little petty thing that he and the GOP can do to try to stop the protests and force the Wisconsin 14 back to Madison where the GOP will ram the bill as is through.  166 more words