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Uphill in Rome

Last fall as I was telling the multi-part story of our trip to Italy, life and “the holidays” got in the way, so here is my post about returning to Rome. 1,700 more words

24h in Rome - the 2nd

While I start my last weekend in Rome (for now), you can enjoy my list of things I did during my 2nd 24h in Rome! Here you go… 219 more words


Hercules at the Capitoline Museums

We’re back at the Capitoline Museums in Rome, which have some wonderful statues of Hercules.

The statue considered to the be the most impressive is the bronze statue from the 2nd Century BCE called the Hercules of Forum Boarium, but my favorite is Fighting Hercules, made of marble and based on an original from the 4th Century BCE. 118 more words


Top 10 Things to do in Rome

Museum for history buffs and a wonderland for art lovers, the eternal city of Rome warmly welcomes anyone who wants to unearth its natural beauty. Rome has the power to surprise with its eclectic architecture and places that seem to be still stuck in 16th century. 566 more words

Museum-going is exhausting

Museums will knock you out, so you gotta take a break for a bite to eat and some caffeine. The fresh air I got out on the terrace at the Capitoline Museums rejuvenated me and gave me energy for another couple hours of taking in all that great art. 9 more words


Hall of the Faun (shout out to Narnia book club)

Those of you in the Narnia Book Club will recognize this figure — the faun. Is he what you expected? Why or why not, and which of the GRAPES (geography, religion, art/architecture/achievements, political systems, economic systems, and social structures) do you see in this post?


Capitoline Museums

I loved the Capitoline Museums in Rome, where I saw some wonderful art from the Mediterranean world spanning thousands of years. If this is art from the same region of the world, in which of the GRAPES (Geography, Religion, Art/Architecture/Achievements, Political Systems, Economic Systems, Social Classes) do you think it fits? 52 more words