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Capitoline Museums - August 19, 2016

This post, which will mainly contain pictures, has been a long time coming. Lately, I have been lacking motivation and determination to keep this blog running, and with school starting again, time has been a resource I have a hard time getting enough of. 68 more words

Capitoline Brutus

Capitoline Brutus, the only surviving portrait from the middle republic, may be a fragment from An equestrian statue. Capitoline Museums.


Photo of the Day: Pinecones in Italy

Two pinecone sculptures in Italy: one outside the Vatican, one in the form of a water fountain near the Capitoline Museums.

Museum Visits (Other)

When in Rome... a visit to the Centrale Montemartini

During a recent trip to Rome, I paid a long overdue visit to the Centrale Montemartini, an annexe of the Capitoline Museums located on the Via Ostiense just beyond Porta San Paolo. 1,533 more words

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