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Rome - The Capitoline Hill

Next, we went to the Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II, the huge white monument sitting in the Piazza Venezia. The monument that is impossible to miss if you’re anywhere in its general vicinity. 878 more words


Museum-going is exhausting

Museums will knock you out, so you gotta take a break for a bite to eat and some caffeine. The fresh air I got out on the terrace at the Capitoline Museums rejuvenated me and gave me energy for another couple hours of taking in all that great art. 9 more words


Hall of the Faun (shout out to Narnia book club)

Those of you in the Narnia Book Club will recognize this figure — the faun. Is he what you expected? Why or why not, and which of the GRAPES (geography, religion, art/architecture/achievements, political systems, economic systems, and social structures) do you see in this post?


Capitoline Museums

I loved the Capitoline Museums in Rome, where I saw some wonderful art from the Mediterranean world spanning thousands of years. If this is art from the same region of the world, in which of the GRAPES (Geography, Religion, Art/Architecture/Achievements, Political Systems, Economic Systems, Social Classes) do you think it fits? 52 more words


The prostitute or the she-wolf?

Rome’s creation myth is a good one. Mars, the god of war, rapes a woman named Rhea Silvia. Her husband finds out and takes his anger out on Rhea Silver and the children, a set of twins, conceived from the rape. 104 more words

World History

Art and sculptures from Hadrian’s Villa: The Furietti Centaurs

This month’s sculptures from Hadrian’s Villa are a pair of dark-grey marble statues of centaurs.

The sculptures became very famous due to their sculptors’ outstanding workmanship and the rarity and high quality of their materials. 660 more words

Roman Art

Artwork and Engineering Feats ~ Rome, Part 2

We continued our walk through ancient Rome, an era that lasted 1,000 years, from 500 B.C to 500 A.D.  Half of that time Rome was focused on expanding her government and the other half building a dominating empire.   934 more words