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Pythagoras in the Hall of the Philosophers


It was 1991 and I had been in Rome for only a couple of months when I found myself in the midst of a HUGE demonstration against the First Gulf War. 123 more words

Art and sculptures from Hadrian’s Villa: Statue of the young god Hermes, known as 'Capitoline Antinous'

This week’s sculpture from Hadrian’s Villa is a marble statue of a young nude, the so-called ‘Capitoline Antinous‘. It was found in 1723/24 during the time when… 322 more words


The Capitoline Museums: So sculpture, much good, wow.

Lots of people, when they visit Rome go up the huge Capitoline steps to see the Marcus Aurelius equestrian monument, the fancy pavement, and enjoy the view. 215 more words


Erma di Socrate

On the Paideia Blog thus far, we have generally focused on that which is beautiful. And strolling through the many rooms of the Palazza Nuovo at the Musei Capitolini, it is easy to see why: the surfeit of awe-inspiring classical sculptures here in Rome is overwhelming. 735 more words

More Than 20 Monuments Later...Part Due


Sorry for the short pause, we just had our first round of finals this past Friday, so I had to study and partake in the necessary celebrations and such.   1,148 more words

The Dying Gaul, or Dying Galatian

Capitoline Museums, Capitoline Hill, Rome

I see before me the gladiator lie
He leans upon his hand—his manly brow
Consents to death, but conquers agony,

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