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A Tragic Event: August 23, 1944

This is our translation of a fragment of Radu Mărculescu’s book, Suffering and Enlightenment in Soviet Captivity, entitled A Tragic Event: August 23, 1944… 520 more words

Radu Mărculescu

Ο Σάντερς τάχθηκε και επίσημα υπέρ της υποψηφιότητας της Χίλαρι στις προεδρικές εκλογές


O γερουσιαστής Μπέρνι Σάντερς τάχθηκε και επίσημα στο πλευρό της υποψήφιας των Δημοκρατικών για τον Λευκό Οίκο Χίλαρι Κλίντον σημειώνοντας πως είναι κρίσιμο για τους Δημοκρατικούς –ενόψει του Συνεδρίου του κόμματος που θα πραγματοποιηθεί στα τέλη αυτού του μήνα– να συσπειρωθούν για να νικήσουν τον υποψήφιο των Ρεπουμπλικάνων Ντόναλντ Τραμπ στις προεδρικές εκλογές της 8ης Νοεμβρίου. 


Compass loses its bearings in Scotland

By Dale Street (also at the Workers Liberty website)

Well, it probably seemed a good idea at the time.

On 31 May Neal Lawson – chairperson of the “influential left-wing think tank” Compass – penned… 1,261 more words

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Lambast Hollywood for minor CGI edits to Scarlett Johansson's eyes? What a waste of consciousness.

Complaining is a healthy aspect of any functional society. It is an essential means of redressing balances and airing accumulated frustrations. Without it humanity would surely be a swollen boil of repressed rage and discontent on the verge of an uncontrolled and unsightly ejection of its contents. 858 more words


#22: Burn It

After Sen’ryn had left the two elves, Algious asked Furlenssao in a nonchalant voice, “Do you remember the promise you made me all those years ago?” 743 more words


Total Capitulation?

I make no bones about being a centrist, with some liberal leanings.  Personally, your moral or lifestyle choices – as long as they do not impact or endanger anyone or anything else (things like drunk driving, beating someone else to death for being different than you or having different morals, forcing someone to act against their own conscience in relation to their own lives, destroying property, these are all examples of how your choices impact or endanger someone or something else) – are your choices. 723 more words

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