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You might be here if you consider yourself traumatized. You might be here if you love someone that considers themselves traumatized.

The short answer is that this blog is for everyone. 2,048 more words

The Gospel and The Homosexual Community

Capitulation is the word to describe what Christians have been doing recently. When you read about the decision SCOTUS made in regards to same-sex “whatever you want to call it”, it should be noted that there are Christians capitulating on the issue. 522 more words


Outlander; The Denial, Acceptance and Rise

Obviously I am way behind the curve on this subject, considering the Starz release of Diana Gabaldon’s popular series has already come to an end.  However, for some reason I still feel compelled to write a post for men, from a man, on the Outlander series. 582 more words

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Tsipras Has Not Capitulated - Considerations from Italian Analyst Giglioli About the Greek Proposal of July 10th

Second Edition – syntax and typo corrections – forgive a poor blogger and let me know if you find more

Alessandro Giglioli at l’Espresso has an interesting take on Greece’s latest proposals – he says they are clearly a compromise but not compromised. 1,355 more words

Greece Gives In To Creditors But On Its Own Terms

The deal Greece proposed to its creditors on Thursday amounted to a cap-in-hand capitulation. On nearly all points, the government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras agreed to the same harsh austerity measures that he had asked his own electorate to reject in a July 5 referendum. 587 more words

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Mladic, Chomsky, The Guardian and Srebrenica: Time for an apology

Above: genocide denier Chomsky

Today’s Guardian carries an excellent piece by Natalie Nougayrede calling what happened at Srebenica twenty years ago a genocide and denouncing Putin for attempting to re-write history.  1,456 more words

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