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Surrender the Pad

After a long day

too busy to pen a rhyme,

now I struggle to

scribble meaningful meters

as, to my pulse, snores keep time.


The Tin Drum - Capitulation

As a book club assignment I had to read The Tin Drum by Gunter Grass. This is a very complex book written in the years shortly after World War II. 266 more words

Thing Of The Moment

Nearing Bottom

An iron hard whip

hand of merciless fatigue,

like the crushing weight

of cruelly deep, heartless, seas

tightens yet, it’s grip on me.


Open letter to a socialist supporter of the SNP

By Ann Field (at the Workers Liberty website)

Dear Jimmy,

A few weeks ago we carried a series of articles arguing for a Labour vote rather than a Green vote in the general election. 2,967 more words

Posted By JD

Iran, Nukes, and the Parameters of a Robust Debate

There’s still no agreement with Iran regarding its nuclear weapons program, just “Parameters for a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” for an agreement, and the Iranians don’t agree that they’ve even agreed to that, but the president assures us this is progress toward peace in our time. 719 more words


TVO Market Barometer 3/10/15

Now that the 50 day has been washed away like a line in the sand, the last refuge of stops just below our previous breakout point (remember “Say Goodbye to SPY 205?”) is no longer a safe haven… and depending on how many get taken out, there’s a nice little gap around SPY 202 just aching to be filled. 104 more words

Total Volume Oscillator

Oh, England

England’s World Cup capitulation is not easily explained. I suspect the combination of factors will defy a simple solution and anyone who claims to know all the answers is probably misguided. 1,592 more words