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Market analysts' crude projections

Let’s correct a fallacy that is being trumpeted by whatever financial commentator your hear.

Cratering oil prices are not sending stocks down. The global recession is sending everything lower except bond prices, because large investors are looking to preserve wealth in US treasuries. 511 more words


Willing Surrender, Part 1.

What it isn’t, and what it may be for you.

Surrender? For some it is a dirty word, implying weakness, fear, or lack of endurance. However, depending on the context, willing surrender has huge power. 443 more words


“I’m not giving up. I’m just going to jump out this window for a minute….”

–Lord Julius
(Dave Sim, Cerebus)


D&L Industries, Inc. (DNL)

DNL is one stock that has everyone asking if it has already bottomed out (short-term). Many like the stock as it really hadn’t disappointed investors (not until very recently anyway)—the relatively low (long-term) volatility in the past months/year had made the asset tractable; the trend had been pretty apparent. 407 more words

Stock Trading

Blacklisting bosses "run up white flag"

Statement from the Blacklisting Support Group:

As you may know Blacklisting was in the High Court on Thursday 8th October and after 6 years of denying everything, that the High Court trial is getting close, the blacklisting wretches have revised their legal defence, finally admitting their guilt. 562 more words

Human Rights

Labour's TPP capitulation and credibility crash

Andrew Little and Labour painted themselves into a corner over the Trans Pacific Partnership, with two possible outcomes – embarrassment or derision. They may cop both. 696 more words


Capitulation (Quippet No. 4)

[Nowhere in particular, end of day yet again]

In the face of the impossible:

Religious militance, misinformation overload mislabeled, conspiracy of wealth … 14 more words