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Axé; good energy, life force

I first encountered Capoeira back in winter of 2007, as a freshman at college. Professor Luciano led about 20 of us on a tremendously educational trip to Salvador de Bahia in North East Brazil, where we got to immerse ourselves in Bahian culture, food, beats, and even experience… 472 more words


Cultura: Capoeira, Brasil

Tras la llegada de los esclavos africanos al Brasil, trajeron consigo sus tradiciones, cultura y religión. Este arte marcial afrobrasileño era una forma de disfrazar el combate, que era prohibido en las plantaciones, con una disciplina marcial en estilo de danza. 232 more words

Dopeness : Capoeira - Noah St. John

This is a spoken word performance by Noah St. John. One of my friends put me on to this a few weeks ago, and it just woke me up creatively. 261 more words


A correct workout plan makes the journey to being fit easier

Just joining a gym with the intention of losing weight or becoming fit isn’t enough. Keeping fit requires time, dedication, sacrifices, and commitment. Chalking out… 377 more words


Birra buonissima e ottimi prezzi

E quando a saudade dói…
Os brasileiros estão todos lá! Legal ou ilegal, cada um apresentando seu talento.

Smell Club Sandwich
Endereço: Via Nuoro, 27, 09125 Cagliari, Itália… 18 more words

Gaspar Z'África Brasil

Raised in the south zone of São Paulo by parents from the northeast of brasil, Gaspar grew up around north-eastern culture as well as the very strong local hip hop movement.   352 more words

The Art of Combat Kinetic Linking “Capoeira”

The Art of Combat Kinetic Linking

You can Absorb the effective and discard the limited, like the icons of fighting innovators before us.

What we Absorb? 407 more words