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How to Stay Sane and Healthy at a Big Capoeira Event

  • Earplugs (foam or silicone)! Rodas and percussion classes are insanely noisy and can be stressful after a while, even if you don’t notice the effect for a long time, and keeping part of the loudness away can reduce the overall stress level by a lot!
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An introduction

As a young South African woman, my journey in martial arts has not been easy. From unknowingly being in an adulterous relationship with my capoeira academy’s… 744 more words


Life is an ever changing river - from capoeira and beer, to a writing bubble!

“Buddhism declares that in this world there is nothing that is fixed and permanent. Everything is subject to change and alteration.

According to teachings of Buddha, life is comparable to a river. 1,420 more words



Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that was developed by slaves so that they could rise up against their masters. It’s dance-based so slaves could teach it to other slave without the Man getting wise. 30 more words



I didn’t set out to challenge myself.

In fact, had I known just what I was getting into, I probably never would have done it. 756 more words


Dia de Ouro da Cordão - CDO 50th Anniversary

This year, 2017, is a special year for Cordão de Ouro group.  It is the 50th year of our global family of CDO, and Mestre Suassuna is throwing down one of the largest CDO Capoeira events in São Paulo. 551 more words