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First 3 Hercules Trophy Antwerp Labours!

After having announced 4 labours for the Herculean Days Mechelen already, we can now finally shed light on the first three labours for the Hercules Trophy Antwerp… 356 more words

Hercules Trophy

Fight . Dance . Love

For so long I didn’t realize that I had been battle ramming you
with indifference,
using it as a shield to hide
what I had been so brave to show you once before, 67 more words


Capoeira, a dance and fight for freedom

Capoeira Brazil hosted its first batizado in Cairo, the Capoeira graduation ceremony were Egyptian Capoeiristas received new cords, indicating that they’ve successfully graduated from their level and qualified to take their Capoeira game a level further. 888 more words


Capoeira and Weakness

I don’t really know how to write this post.

The last few years haven’t been that awesome health-wise. I started my capoeira journey a few months before an all-time low, a time that involved a lot of sleeping, brain-fog, headaches, and crying on the gym floor. 465 more words

My Life

Poem - words expressing movement about movement expressing words

The bending leg makes my heart a beat

The fingers sparkle water lightly on my mind

The back that forms itself as a snake awakening joy… 128 more words

Language And Movement

Capoeira Videozinhos!

Did you like my capoeira videozinho (small capoeira video?) For someone who didn’t know ANYTHING about filming, editing or directing (and DESPERATELY non-technological!) , I don’t think these videos are too bad (and if they inspire anyone to do it better, I would be pleased!   96 more words

Previously Published

Five districts of Salvador, Brazil

Salvador, in Brazil’s North-East state of Bahia is a vibrant fusion of cultures, colours and landscapes. The home of Afro-Brazilian culture: capoeira; samba; and moqueca, a delicious fish stew. 1,073 more words