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Recipe of the Week - 23rd November 2015 - Caponata Linguine

I have posted a caponata recipe before, but having not made it for a while I had forgotten how really satisfying and rich this was as a meal. 285 more words


Delicious caponata, full of flavour, sweet and tangy and great to eat warm for supper or cold in your lunchbox tomorrow. 526 more words


Caponata - Italian Eggplant Antipasto

When I hear the word Caponata, the first thing that pops into my head is a Godfather-esque movie that has its origins in some remote fishing village in Sicily. 327 more words


Legligin restaurant for Mediterranean and Maltese healthy food

Are you in the heart of Valletta working hard to find a good restaurant where to eat delicious Mediterranean food?

A good choice can be Legligin. 393 more words


Eggplant bonanza

My garden produced an abundance of aubergines – or eggplants, depending on which side of the Atlantic you’re from – this summer.  I love aubergines, they are like a canvas for almost any flavour, blending with whatever you want to cook them with and enhancing flavour and texture. 885 more words



O garnitura (sau fel principal) din bucataria Siciliana.

4 portii

O vanata taiata cubulete
Un ardei feliat
2 catei de usturoi tocati
O ceapa rosie tocata… 98 more words

Cina Sanatoasa

Attack of the Summer Cold

I know that we are hard upon the autumnal equinox with Halloween barreling down fast upon us, but it was 95 degrees this afternoon and I feel entitled to characterize what I am currently suffering with as a “summer cold.” Actually, it was “Allen’s cold” for a whole week before this, which he suffered stoically and uncomplainingly, but then he has the pain threshold of an ox and I really think they should check that when they let you into med school and make you take special coursework or something. 709 more words

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