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Summery Stuffed Squid with Caponata

So I’m afraid I’m not done with those Sicilian flavours yet. If I’m being honest with I’m not sure I ever will be I just love the way that the flavours of everything you see growing there pervade everything you eat. 750 more words




Caponata Babaganoush and hummus spreads served with grilled pita triangles. Kalamata olives, capers and Pickled Roasted Yellow Peppers serve as accompaniments. Garnish it all with chopped fresh parsley, serve and listen to the raves! 124 more words


Aubergine and courgette caponata

I am such a fan of this classic Sicilian dish – it is so warming, rich and full of goodness.

I had a glut of courgettes from the allotment so I added a round yellow courgette which gave it an extra bit of colour! 319 more words

Dairy Free

Aubergine Caponata a great veggie option that you can make ahead!

Summer seems to be trying to gradually force its way into the North East of England, some days more successfully than others it seems (looking out at a very grey and drizzly sky as I type). 592 more words

Sides And Snacks



Roasted eggplant combined with a mushroom, red wine and garlic reduction. Finished with toasted sesame seed, tomato and Gia Russa Balsamic glaze! Served with grilled pita bread and/or sliced French baguette and sides of capers and/or chopped Kalamata olive! 379 more words


"Think quick - our fish guy is wasted". Salmon Caponata and Sourdough

In between murderous split-shifts at the restaurant where I learned life, love the universe and everything the 2nd Chef and I used to skulk off to the restaurant’s back yard, smoke Marlboro reds and talk evening specials….often supplemented with plans for murderous drinking exploits  after service…….well…in truth these murderous drinking exploits would in fact start when service started and continue long after it ended. 394 more words

Fish And Shell

A Tasty Eggplant Mix

As I’ve said more than a few times in my ramblings, Steve, my husband, does not much care for eggplant so I always have to hide it under other flavors and textures. 298 more words