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Happy Sunday!

Makes me smile on a Sunday!
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London Buck - Philpot St. (E1)

My morning commute concludes with a walk which often encourages a slight detour for a coffee from McDonalds – I wont apologise for liking their coffee and it’s cheap. 195 more words

Coffee Shop

The Best Coffee in Asia... So Far

As part of my bid to save money by not buying delicious, expensive, freshly ground coffee from gorgeous little cafes lining the streets and rivers of Luang Prabang, I’ve purchased a cheap bag of instant powder masquerading as coffee. 399 more words


Industrial Coffee Works

“Good afternoon, can I offer you something to drink?” the friendly waitress asked, as me and my Aunt settled down. I had a quick look at the coffee section of the menu. 243 more words

Lincoln, Bush, and the Presidential Cappuccino

It’s not often that I’m moved to quote Abraham Lincoln during the course of a normal day. Not only do most of my daily activities fail to reach the minimum levels of gravitas to justify ‘pulling a Lincoln’, I fear that quoting American Presidents might come across as pretentious. 483 more words


Imagine a world without coffee.

Did that picture irk you? It should.

Coffee, has before now, been known to mankind as the beverage that gives your heart a thump! 211 more words


Muffin Much Better Than The Pastry Parlour

Hi, Catherine again.

I went for an interview a few days ago – on an empty stomach, because I was too nervous to eat (and I call myself an adult). 315 more words