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Capricorn: New Moon in Gemini Tarot reading, 2017. You made it to the top of the mountain. Now what?

Capricorn, as usual, you have required more work from me. But, this is why I love you.

The most cards came out for you so far, but I’ll take a wild guess and assume that you have the most intense and fulfilled reading because you beloved, are on to something right now. 930 more words


The Wisdom of Letting Go, Capricorn Crone Moon

Tonight is the final Crone Moon, New Moon, of 2016.

The Crone Moon is our releasing Moon, she is our wise Moon and with her comes the opportunity to shed all that we no longer need emotionally. 1,369 more words

Crone Moon Messages

Moon in Capricorn

By Colleen Schmidt

Coming off of the sign of adventure and philosophy we now find ourselves with a very different energy.  Capricorn is the sign that is ruled by Saturn.  542 more words

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. . . becoming your destiny---sept. 11th 2016

Came across this quote yesterday as I lazily surfed online. I have read it dozens of times, as most of you probably have, too. Only this time, its wisdom lined up nicely with what I am seeing in the current sky. 194 more words


Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moons were probably the kids who could parent themselves growing up. They have an emotional need for taking care of business, being structured, and having authority. 187 more words


Full Moon in Capricorn: the Drone

The vainglorious Full Moons of winter, soaring in the summer constellations of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn, have passed. Spring is here, the season of begetting: of coupling, certainly, but ever and always for the rejuvenation of the hive. 904 more words

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