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Full Moon in Capricorn: the Drone

The vainglorious Full Moons of winter, soaring in the summer constellations of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn, have passed. Spring is here, the season of begetting: of coupling, certainly, but ever and always for the rejuvenation of the hive. 904 more words

Southern Hemisphere Astrology

Capricorn Mother Moon, the wisdom of our ancestors beaming down.

The Mother Moon is full and ripe and reflects our full and ripe womb. When the moon is full we are filled with lunar energy and our feminine essence is working to balance her lunar energies with her solar ones. 516 more words

Mother Moon

Full Moon in Capricorn: the Prisoner

A straight line is a segment of an infinitely large circle. Immediacy is a segment of a cycle. Madness is straightened immediacy.

“I haven’t been there for a few weeks. 712 more words

Southern Hemisphere Astrology

Capricorn card of the day: Knight of Cups

Creative. Chivalrous. Romantic. Gallant. Charming.

(This message may apply to you if your rising/ascendant or moon sign is Capricorn)

This card indicates that you will be receiving good news very soon, especially in matters of the heart. 182 more words


Aquarius Sun, Capricorn Moon

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“There is a self, and what I have sometimes referred to as “listening to the impulse voices, ” means letting the self emerge. 317 more words

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