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Mercury in Capricorn

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Friday, Nov 2nd

“Taking Care of Business”

Mercury the planet that rules our lower mind, the way we think and process our thoughts is shifting into very slow-moving, methodical Capricorn today, so you might notice your thinking is more slowed down and you can feel like planning everything out. 380 more words


Capricorn - December 2016

Capricorn is busy making money (as usual). However, if you’re looking to make an investment in property right now, Monisha has some advice for you. Also, some wisdom for you if you feel betrayed by people around you.


Prediction of the Capricorn Zodiac Signs

Time is positive for health. You will experience a spurt of energy and are likely to take up a new holistic health program. Read More


Full Moon in Gemini December 13, 2016

Oakland County, Michigan psychic Sherrie Ellen, who is one of The Traveling Psychics wants all of you to be prepared so you can get all the benefits of the upcoming December 13, 2016 Full Moon in Gemini.   530 more words



Sun sign horoscopes cannot replace a proper analysis of your birth chart and transits of the moment. They are meant as a broad insight into certain time signatures. 4,230 more words


Aquarius : Love and Dating, Career and Personality

Characteristics of a Aquarius Woman

Aquarius Woman Personality

The Aquarius woman has a strong streak of independence and freedom. She is willing to offer that in return for all of the relationships she cultivates in her life. 1,016 more words


Capricorn Jupiter

*Capricorn Jupiter birth dates listed below

Capricorn Jupiter people tend to have a very serious and restricted approach to adventure. They may have learned from a young age that you have to be careful or responsible with how you expand into the world, often from their fathers who may have had a wide range of being. 564 more words