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Karmic Astrology: Capricorn North Node - Cancer South Node

This individual is learning how to achieve maturity. In past incarnations he had a tendency to look at life through rose-colored glasses, seeing only what he wanted to see with a definite conviction that everything else didn’t exist. 1,017 more words


Capricorn - Full Moon - weekend 29 & 30th of August

Capricorn –

Full moon is a particularly important time of the month – often celebrated for it’s crazy qualities when normal events call for extra attention. 284 more words


Capricorn - Friday 28th of August 2015

Capricorn – Financial and love insecurities may be playing with you a little today. It is as though these problems are feeding directly into your thinking patterns; fears, anxieties, worries about the future. 125 more words


When No One is Looking

(Google Image of Joan of Arc, famous Cap woman)

I was itching to post last night, but for some reason my internet would not work. Luckily, everything is back to normal now and I can share my experience of the inspiring moon with you. 253 more words


Capricorn - Thursday 27th of August 2015

Capricorn – If nothing else, you can have faith, and be optimistic about your ability to plan and strategise regardless of how hazy and indistinct the information that you are receiving might be. 124 more words


Capricorn - Wednesday 26th August, 2015

Capricorn – You may well be back in business today: mastery of the emotions might see you entering a process of rejuvenation – new plans building towards those dreams and aspirations that have been a bit leaky of late! 100 more words