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Fabric Sourcing : Capsule Collection

During my 2 weeks term break, I spent the whole week sorting through my fabrications for my capsule. The whole idea is to find the right colour of fabric that match my concept and also the right material as well. 127 more words

Capsule Collection

Capsule Collection : Look 1 Toile pt. 2

Developing my look 1 was quite a challenge at first because I want something that stands out to introduce my collection. After considering and designing once again, I’ve finally found the right top for my look 1 set. 294 more words

Capsule Collection

Capsule Collection : Look 2 Toile

For the look 2, I want to try to create a look with a pants this time.The progress of making the pants by zero waste was not as easy as I’ve imagined. 325 more words

Capsule Collection

10 Item Retro Clothing Collection

As someone who has been into vintage and retro clothing for quite some time (I think about six or seven years now) I’ve gotten to know a lot of tips and tricks for when you’re on a budget (which I am) and what you absolutely have to get and what’s more like an extra or something fun for a more special occasion. 1,165 more words


Capsule Collection : Look 1 Toile

For my capsule collection, I wanted to try to create garments from the zero waste technique and combine it with the subtraction cutting.

For my look 1, I wanted to create a jacket with crescent sleeves and subtraction skirt. 331 more words

Capsule Collection

Capsule Collection : Design Development

At the start of developing the design of my collection, I initially wanted to do a women and menswear collection.

But as I’m going through with my research, I want to focus more on women’s wear in this collection because of the details and prints that I’m planning to use. 166 more words

Capsule Collection

Capsule Collection : Introduction ( Research pt. 1 )

After 2,5 months of research, I have finally found all of the informations I needed for the concept of my Capsule Collection. It all began to my first visit to the… 297 more words

Capsule Collection