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TIFF 2017: Dragonfly Eyes

Dragonfly Eyes, Chinese artist Xu Bing’s first foray into feature-length filmmaking, is a direct glimpse into what the future of cinema might be. 174 more words


True Detective

In a land of deep darkness, two bickering boy scouts compete for the honour badge while chasing an abstract taxidermist who leaves behind a trail of unpopular sculptures with evocative music playing in the background. 15 more words


ALBUM REVIEW: White Suns - Psychic Drift

Harsh noise is a dry well – and a shallow one at that, drained by very few Jack and Jills – but the deconstruction of the American rock band inherent in White Suns makes them a saving grace. 70 more words

Twin Peaks: the Return ~ A Capsule Review

Twin Peaks: the Return ~ A Capsule Review by Allen Kopp

Twin Peaks, the too-offbeat-for-mainstream TV series, appeared on commercial TV in 1990 and 1991. 501 more words

Dan Auerbach - Waiting On A Song

Super Sounds of the 70s…

Simon Reynolds has already diagnosed the popular culture of the 21st century with the condition known as Retromania, so another new release that fetishizes a bygone age of pop music, from melodic / harmonic construction to production approaches and the recording process itself is not an uncommon occurrence. 658 more words

Capsule Review

Pink Floyd - The Early Years: 1965-1972

12 hours and 20 minutes worth of proof that Dark Side Of The Moon didn’t just appear out of thin air in 1973.

First, the caveats: 771 more words

Capsule Review

Hell or High Water (Mackenzie, 2016)

The personal is the political in this expertly crafted thriller. With exceptional performances all around (Jeff Bridges is, as usual, wonderful), this provides ample proof that America can still make great (anti-)Westerns. 30 more words