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Top Five (Rock, 2014)

Chris Rock channels Richard Linklater. Interestingly, not as well received or talked about as Linklater’s output, I suspect because among the film’s concerns are being black and a celebrity. 49 more words


Precinct Seven Five/The Seven Five (Russell, 2014)

Documentary about New York cop Michael Dowd, who in the 80s, gets caught up in drug trafficking, murder and corruption along with a few other enabling officers in the same precinct. 79 more words


Cemetery of Splendour (Weerasethakul, 2015)

I actually enjoyed this less than any of director Apichatpong Weersaethakul’s previous features, I don’t know if this is me growing weary of his approach or if I just wasn’t up to it the first time around, I’m happy to settle for the latter. 39 more words


Victoria (Schipper, 2015)

Hitchcock said that cinema was life with all the boring bits cut out, a dictum I usually have reservations with, here it serves as an explanation as to why this thriller is barely serviceable. 21 more words


Film Fever: Metro Manila Film Festival 2016 (Part 1)

Film Fever is a special section allotted for film festivals. In this edition, the movies for consideration are the entries currently (and miraculously) shown in the… 1,485 more words