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My undergraduate degree is in English Literature. So, as far as Star Trek movies go, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country holds a special place in my heart. 666 more words

Opening Lines

Thanks to Bill Carito for letting us use this Star Trek themed photo!

Jessie: Cynthia paced nervously as she waited for the number 49 bus. Every morning the twins at the house across the street made her wish the bus stop was further down the block. 135 more words

Opening Lines

Redskins Rehash-Lion Eyes...

Sixty-five seconds in pro football can sometimes last an eternity…especially when you’re clinging to a four point lead and Matthew Stafford (69% completion rate entering the game) is on the other team.  867 more words



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Captain Kirk

Redskins Rehash- Flying High Now...

Sunday’s 27-20 win over Philadelphia may appear to be a one-touchdown affair, but when looking under the scoreboard it feels like the most complete victory during the Jay Gruden era.   1,139 more words

Star Trek Koan

Captain Kirk faced a crisis on the Enterprise. He summoned his ship’s doctor and his ship’s engineer. Bones says, “Damn it Jim, I’m a doctor, not an engineer.” Scotty says, “I’m an engineer, Captain, not a doctor.” Who is right?


Halloween and the Mobius Strip

We are in the midst of autumn as I write this, soon in England the clocks will ‘go back’ an hour. We measure our world through the artifice of a clock face, which in itself is an analogue of our earth spinning through space. 1,181 more words