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Kirk has an important task for you red shirts

I hope people know enough about Star Trek to understand why this is funny.

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The Cloudminders

Captain’s Log: Stardate 201704.16.

“This troubled planet is a place of the most violent contrasts — those who receive the rewards are totally separated from those who shoulder the burdens. 119 more words

Star Trek

Out of the Autistic Closet: the Psy Celebrates Autism Awareness Month

I am autistic.

To celebrate April as Autism Awareness Month, I’ve decided to come out of the autistic closet, y’all! For a good resource or clearing house on mental health issues in general and autism in specific, visit my friend Madelyn’s page, …

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Abnormal Psychology

The Watson to his Sherlock; the Kirk to his Spock

“This union exalted him, wore away the rough edges of his character, emotionalised his mental life.” Dubliners/ A Painful Case by James Joyce

The City on the Edge of Forever

Captain’s Log: Stardate 201704.11. The City on the Edge of Forever is easily one of the most compelling episodes of the original series, and we watch and analyze it in my class. 100 more words

Star Trek