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Star Trek Vol 2, by James Blish (episode adaptations)

Star Trek Vol 2, by James Blish

published in 1968

where I got it: purchased used

Don’t let the title of this book fool you, this is not a novelization of the second Star Trek movie. 1,027 more words

Science Fiction

You may be cool...

You may be cool, but you’ll never be Captain Kirk learning his lines while riding a motorcycle cool.

(And I think this answers any complaints about Kirk riding a motorcycle in the Abrams reboots.)


Breakheart Pass 1976


Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Great Western Railway #75 stars in this mid-1970’s thriller filmed along the spectacular Camas Prairie Railroad in Idaho. With the story taking place in Utah, GWR #75 and equipment are painted up for the fictitious Wasatch & Nevada Railroad. 662 more words

Redskins Rehash-Opening Presents...

Did you expect the Redskins season to wrap up any other way?  The Burgundy and Gold are in prime playoff position after their 41-21 win at Chicago…within striking distance of making consecutive playoff appearances for the first time since 1990-92.   843 more words

Redskins Rehash- Flying Just High Enough...

One down, three to go.  The Redskins traditional sprint to the finish begins with another underwhelming first half but a victory at slowly sinking Philadelphia.  The 27-22 victory might not propel the team into the second wildcard just yet, but with three weeks remaining the Skins are in position to be in position. 985 more words

Redskins Rehash-Of Destinies and Paths...

So much for the cushion the Burgundy and Gold possessed just a few weeks ago at 6-3-1. The combination of the Thanksgiving turkey at Dallas and Sunday’s 31-23 loss at Arizona means the Skins once again enter the final quarter of the season on the outside of the playoff pack…and wouldn’t we have it any other way?  893 more words

Commuting With Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk is a bad driver. I don’t mean that he runs the USS Enterprise into planets, or tries to warp through a star or anything. 763 more words

Personal Development