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Star Trek Diaries #3 - Star Trek: Episode 3 "Charlie X"

Every time I try to watch The Original Series, I always end up getting stopped at Charlie X… not sure why that is, maybe this diary entry will get to the bottom of it. 404 more words

Star Trek

Trekking Through my Teenage Years

This is an essay I wrote when I was attending Eckerd College. The assignment was to write about a form of media that influenced my development as a child. 1,790 more words


Star Trek: The Animated Series - Season 1, Episode 10 - "Mudd's Passion" - Mudd is a Terrible Person and this Episode is Weak

    Harry Mudd is a terrible character and I’m not looking forward to my eventual watching of “Mudd’s Women” his introduction episode. In this he is a simple and very selfish con who has no redeeming qualities. 381 more words

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William Shatner Creates Tribute To Help Memory Of Leonard Nimoy 'Live Long And Prosper'

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Thousands of “Star Trek” fans recently participated in a social media tribute that was paid in respect to legendary actor Leonard Nimoy. 214 more words


Breaking my Vow

When I first started blogging a couple of years ago, I vowed to stay away from three subjects: religion, politics and cats.  So far I’ve stayed away from two of them. 326 more words


The Shat Speaks

William Shatner, aka The Shat, is possibly one of the most contentious figures in Trek Lore.

He’s charming, irascible, controversial, insightful, egotistical and laugh-out-loud hilarious.  In one moment he can be self-deprecating, and in the next self-promoting. 332 more words

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