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Episode 110: A Night on the Town


Jessica and Tina take on the roles of Captain Marvel and Rogue as we dive back into the Marvel Heroic RPG in a one-shot.

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Where I Read: Captain Marvel, Part 27

Avengers #92 (cover date September 1971)

“All Things Must End!” by Roy Thomas (w), Sal Buscema (p), and George Roussos (i).

The Vision, Pietro, Wanda, and Clint are chilling at the mansion (the Vision is wearing slacks and a white sweater, and I cannot convey just how disturbing that looks) when Jarvis comes rushing in with the newspaper. 1,196 more words

Marvel Comics

The Multiversal Cosmology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Comic Books & Alternate Universes

The Marvel Universe has never really been one for meta-storytelling, although it rarely shies away from an opportunity to show off some sort of an odd quirk in the structure of its multiverse. 796 more words


Where I Read: Captain Marvel, Part 26

Avengers #91 (cover date August 1971)

“Take One Giant Step – Backward!” by Roy Thomas (w), Sal Buscema (p & i).

Caveman-Hank Pym is about to crush his wife Janet’s skull with a club when he has a change of heart. 934 more words

Marvel Comics

Waiting for the Killing Blow: Alan Moore's Twilight of the Superheroes, Part Three

So here we are, three parts deep in our coverage of Alan Moore’s Twilight of the Superheroes, the great DC Comics cross-over that never was. In… 4,296 more words


Where I Read: Captain Marvel, Part 25

Avengers #90 (cover date July 1971)

“Judgment Day!” by Roy Thomas (w), Sal Buscema (p & i).

The Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and the Vision stand against the Kree Sentry, but it defeats them all in turn. 726 more words

Marvel Comics

Friends & Film EP 105 - Molly's Game Review

Welcome to episode 105 of Friends and Film, a podcast where Cooper Hood and Josh Straley discuss the latest news and releases in the world of movies. 65 more words