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It's time for DC Comics to make Wonder Woman the third comic pillar

With the DC Rebirth in 2016, DC Comics relaunched their entire comic book lineup and while doing so, greatly reduced the scope of their offerings. When they announced it at Wondercon 2016, they showed the titles grouped into four families: Batman, which included Batman Family heroes like Batwoman and Nightwing as well as the long running Detective Comics; Superman/Wonder Woman, which includes the other Super characters including the introduction of the Chinese New Super-Man as well as Action Comics and Trinity; Justice League, which had members of the League such as Aquaman, the Green Lanterns, and both Titan teams plus the titular Justice League book, and Other, a catch all for books that don’t quite fit in the other three, like Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn, and Deathstroke. 599 more words

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Shazam: What We Know So Far

From www.cinemablend.com – In the coming years, moviegoers will find themselves uttering the true magic word: Shazam! Part of the DC Extended Universe’s upcoming film slate will be the story of youngster Billy Batson, who with one simple word can turn into the superhero Shazam, formerly referred to as Captain Marvel, an adult hero with powers ranging from super strength and flight to various forms of magic.

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Gamer Geek Review:Marvel vs Capcom Infinite (demo)

Fans of both Marvel, Capcom, and the series Marvel vs Capcom have been eagerly anticipating the latest installment in the fighting game series since we got our first look at the game earlier this year. 233 more words


Unboxing: Loot Crate Presents Marvel Gear + Goods "Cosmic"

Loot Crate has launched a new box for Marvel fans with the Loot Crate Presents Marvel Gear + Goods! You get official Marvel apparel, collectible goods every 2 months starting at $39.99. 73 more words


Marvel’s Best Standing Side-by-side for a Legendary Line-up -- This is Marvel Comics’ GENERATIONS!

In a flash, the Marvel heroes are offered a gift: to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those who came before them, free from the burdens of past, present, and future – where time has no meaning. 409 more words


Where I Read: Captain Marvel, Part 17

Apologies for the small thumbnails here, there were a lot of full-page images I wanted to include. As always, you can click on the images to open the full-size version. 798 more words

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