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Captain Midnight Rides Again

Don’t worry, that’s not a noose hanging from the tree, its just where I stash my lead when I’m out marauding. Himself was paid to keep his mouth shut but he welched on the deal, said there wasn’t enough Winalot in the world to ensure his silence. 293 more words

REVIEW: Captain Midnight - Part 2: "We do not merely destroy our enemies; we change them"

The original can be seen over on Panel Patter

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Fernando Dagnino, Manuel Garcia, Michael Broussard, Miguel Sepulveda

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics… 1,787 more words

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REVIEW: Captain Midnight - Part 1: The Effects Of A Legacy

The original can be seen over on Panel Patter

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Victor Ibáñez, Pere Pérez, Fernando Dagnino, Eduardo Francisco

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics… 1,652 more words

Comic Reviews

Captain Midnight article gets sabotaged by Batman's nemesis

I was rummaging through some files-no, not computer files for you youngsters out there- but old fashioned files, ones you find in folders-no, not computer folders-but folders containing files in boxes, when I came across a magazine, the name of which will not be mentioned, and it brought back an angry memory. 473 more words


"Captain Midnight! His country calls and aviation's greatest hero flies again in a one-man war against crime. The odds seem unsurmountable, yet his courage never flags. Single-handed, through fog and sleet and snow, he daily risks his life in the cause of justice. And while he lives, the underworld dares not rest!"

The weather is unsatisfactory. It is cloudy and chilly with a strong breeze verging on a wind. Rain is a maybe later this afternoon. Tonight is movie night so I’m hoping for the sun to rise dramatically with a ta-da soundtrack and chase away the clouds. 379 more words


The Pop Culture Lens: Episode 11 - Captain Midnight

The Pop Culture Lens is a scholarly podcast hosted by myself and Dr. CarrieLynn Reinhard of Dominican University. In each episode, we seek to offer fresh perspectives on past media as we attempt to determine whether or not it holds any relevance to the contemporary sociocultural experience. 349 more words

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