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Captain Midnight here, your long-suffering domestic correspondent.

We called in on one of Himself’s old friends to discover this enormous bouncy thing in the living room. 148 more words

The Morning After

Captain Midnight here nursing a hangover.

Well, nursing Himself actually. He’s the one who’s hanging.

We’ve had a bit of a weekend in Bonny Utrecht among the Scots and the Nederlanders: three days of drinking and feasting as the two halves of Herself’s family got together to celebrate something or other (they don’t seem to need much excuse). 218 more words

The White Stuff

Captain Midnight here reporting from Siberia.

Well Kingscote, actually. But judging by the temperature you’d think it was the outskirts of Novosibirsk. Himself snapped this picture of me braving the Beast from the East. 221 more words

Year of the Dog

Captain Midnight here with fantastic news.

Chinese New Year 2018 and it’s the Year of the Dog!

I thought every year was the year of the dog. 238 more words

Four legs good, three legs better

Captain Midnight here in pensive mood.

This life alone with Himself is not one I asked for but here we are, two hairy mutts under the same roof. 308 more words


Captain Midnight here reporting from the mean streets of Acton.

As far as I can see, not much has changed in the past 150 years in this part of the world, except that the Victorian terraces are now seething with foxes. 205 more words

Album review: Robin Trower, Back It Up (1983)


By Steve Newton

The best things in music, like the best things in life, often go unnoticed. 406 more words

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