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Captain Morgan 35% alcohol with artificial sweeteners


Crafty Pirate

Shots, shots, shots! I don’t make enough of them, so I bring you the Crafty Pirate, it’s crafty because with the combination of butter candy liqueur and spiced rum, makes this shot flavourful and delicious, you could do ten of them and not even feel like you’ve drank alcohol at all. 39 more words


Captain Morgan Cannon Blast Shots for explosive intoxication

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  • unclfontfwo3Once you get used to the nature of the shot, it is really fun to drink and the jalapeño aftertaste is delicious.


Captain's Spiced Hurricane & a Review of the Captain's 100 Proof

The Hurricane is a tiki-style cocktail popularized in the 1940s by New Orleans tavern owner Pat O’Brien. Apparently O’Brien had an overabundance of rum which local alcohol distributors had foisted upon him, and he needed to find a way to sell more of it to make room for other spirits including a few cases of higher priced Scotch and Whiskey. 306 more words

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