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#366happydays - Day 192

Picard, Worf and Data singing Gilbert and Sullivan tunes during a chase ūüėā


Sir Patrick Stewart Sings "Rawhide" and Other Cowboy Classics

File this under “things I didn’t know I needed but absolutely do”: Patrick Stewart (a.k.a. Captain Picard, Charles Xavier, and now “P-Stew”) has released an album of “cowboy classics” cover songs. 88 more words


Episode 028 - The Defection

In which no one does anything for ages, and even when they do something, it’s boring.

In the Palace courtyard, we find Orko demonstrating some magic tricks which actually go correctly, thus depriving me of the opportunity to include anything in the Egg in your face category. 815 more words


My World Is Shattered

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a wedding planner. I work for one venue, and I assist only in weddings that happen there. In addition to planning and venue, we also provide cakes and catering. 608 more words

Star Trek: TNG "Force of Nature" and "Inheritance"

I‚Äôm going through ‚ÄúStar Trek: The Next Generation‚ÄĚ and reviewing every episode, complete with commentary¬†and a grade from A-F. I‚Äôve also included a score and comment from¬†my wife, who has never seen the show before. 908 more words

Eclectic Theist

Memes... the greatest creation of this generation

Every generation can be basically credited with some creation or discovery.¬† We had the creation of the steam engine and automobile, the Wright Brothers and flight, the discovery of antibiotics, the creation of the atomic bomb, travelling to the moon, the creation of the internet, and whats for this generation… … 291 more words


Captain Picard Day

Today was a new nerdy holiday to add to my calendar‚ÄĒCaptain Picard Day! Apparently someone figured out the star date of Captain Picard Day as portrayed in Star Trek The Next Generation and it came out to June 16. 449 more words