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You are correct, Captain Picard

“You, the collaborator,” did nothing productive this weekend, “defer to whoever has control.”

That is true; I said I would give a ride to a friend who has been remaining with her grandmother at the hospital, I only paid on my student loan because they called me three times on Friday, and I watched…

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10 Sided Dice



I was thinking about this word some time ago and how I wanted to be more significant than to be successful! Success is ok, but generally you leave with it a material legacy! 367 more words

Jabez's Prayer

Star Trek Christmas Song

A hilarious rendition of “Make It Snow,” Captain Picard style–not that I’m wishing for that evil four letter word.


[...Switching Blogs...]

i wanted a new name, but didn’t think of this one until i went to ‘create a new blog’. so yeah. i’m going to transfer all my older poems to this one.. 96 more words


Boob-Tube Archives #1: "Skin of Evil", Star Trek: The Next Generation, season #1, episode #23

I have a totally unconscious (I assure you) habit of liking most those examples of a canon which others like least. For instance, my favourite episode of the Matt Groening sci-fi sitcom… 1,162 more words

Science Fiction

Star Trek: TNG Season 7 "All Good Things..."

I’m going through “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and reviewing every episode, complete with commentary and a grade from A-F. I’ve also included a score and comment from my wife, who has never seen the show before. 580 more words

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