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Reader Request: Sub Rosa (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Sometimes my readers love to torture me. This is one of those times. Honestly, I think I have been putting off doing reader requests specifically to avoid watching this episode again. 2,208 more words


Who's the most Stoic Star Trek character?

Mr. Spock is often seen as the ultimate stoic. Yet, Stoic philosopher Epictetus says not to be like a stone statue.

Can you be emotional and stoic at the same time? 430 more words

All Good Things...

I’ve been updating my Goodreads page like crazy lately. Not sure why, but I feel like reaching deep into my brain to remember every book I’ve ever read, just so I can catalogue it. 782 more words

Picard Failed the First Time

When I found out I failed to get into a Ph.D. program, I started watching the end of Coming of Age on loop.

I am a relatively new Star Trek TNG fan. 970 more words


For the past two weeks I have talked about the importance of eliminating debt. It is past time to get started. I did it and you can too. 1,385 more words

Common Sense

Three Days, Three Quotes: Time Is Precious (Day One)

Welcome, one and all, to a first-time tag for me: The Three Day Quote Tag. Now, I was nominated for this one by Moyatori, so a big thank you for that! 278 more words

We Hate Movies Presents: The Nexus | Patronized Reviews

In this first installment of a when-I-feel-like-it feature series in which I take a break from reviewing plain-old iTunes-submitted podcasts and cover shows only available to paying supporters on Patreon! 787 more words

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