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The fire in which we burn - Perceiving time

We are often reminded of the limited time we have on this Earth. We have many distractions to use up our time like work, and sleep that are needed to survive. 313 more words


L'il Cap

My little Captain Picard Sweater is almost finished!

OK, it is “finished,” technically, but I’m unhappy with some of the final details.

See if you can figure out what I don’t like about it: 263 more words



I’ve been busy, you guys!  Not doing anything terribly productive, really, and certainly not working on anything that I have a deadline for (whoops!).  But, I have been busy, knitting away. 267 more words


Fond Memories of Star Trek - Picard, Data, and La Forge

When I was a kid, one of my favorite shows was Star Trek the Next Generation. The series landed right in time to entertain a certain nerdy little kid, with new episodes airing between the time I was six to 13 years old. 555 more words

Front Page

A Pedant Watches An Episode Of Star Trek: TNG

I’m a little bit of a pedant. Ask some of my friends and they’ll say I’m a lot of a pedant. Ask my wife and she’ll go all dead in the eyes and quietly groan. 1,322 more words


Patrick Stewart Was In Chicago Last Night!

If you thought you saw Star Trek’s Captain Picard in Chicago last night, your eyes weren’t deceiving you.

If you don’t know who Captain Picard is, he’s the bald guy that came after Captain Kirk on the Star Trek series. 58 more words