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Fanfiction- Home: The Scroll Part Two

This story is my own creation set in season six, after the episode A Wondrous Place. Some wording is taken from the fantastic writers of Once Upon a Time to stay in continuity of the show. 2,417 more words

SHIP WARS: Once Upon A Time's Captain Swan

OTP: one true pairing. Canon/not canon. Shipping…Spend time around any fandom and you’ll find a ship or two that is questioned: Which character is best for the lead? 5,106 more words


Once Upon a Time: First Look At Jennifer Morrison's Curtain Call As Emma Swan

Jennifer Morrison announced back in May that she would not be returning as a series regular on Once Upon a Time season 7. She will, however, return for one final episode as we say farewell to Emma Swan. 183 more words


#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 52

25 Inimitable Men 2/25
Killian Jones (Once Upon A Time)

There are very few characters that have had a redemption arc as fascinating and as brilliant as  1,618 more words

Once Upon A Time

Sunday Night TV: Once Upon a Time - Musical Episode

Hi Oncers! I know this is late, don’t yell at me (not that I really have a blogging schedule but I like posting these on Mondays). 644 more words


Once Upon A Time: Musical Episode - Review

*Spoiler Alert*

Oh, the feels! My heart burst at this episode and I will admit that I cried a lot because it was just so beautiful! 457 more words

Once Upon a Time: The Most Romantic Captain Swan Moments

Emma Swan and Killian Jones are getting married and it is time to celebrate. Five years in the making, their journey has been such an incredibly beautiful and epic story, but also so grounded and real, filled with countless exquisite moments- some heartfelt, some heartbreaking, some beautifully romantic. 2,793 more words

Once Upon A Time