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DDW: The original UNIT gang

(From now on, I’ll be abbreviating Daily Doctor Who.)

The old days of Doctor Who were, and still are amazing. The third Doctor, with his spectacular and spot on (usually) Venusian Aikido to get him out of trouble, probably tops as one of my favorite Doctors. 251 more words

Doctor Who

Tread Who Perilously: Episode 1

Erik and Justin continue their exploration of television with an excursion into the lesser episodes of that sci-fi stalwart, “Doctor Who.” Week one introduces Justin to the Jon Pertwee Doctor as they watch “Day of the Daleks,” the TV version of a Doctor Who novelization Justin read as a pre-teen. 51 more words


Another Doctor Who Night In (Part Two)

In my last post I detailed my latest recent DVD-watching binge of Doctor Who stories, the recent choices all being Tom Baker stories. Last night I watched a couple more Doctor Who stories, switching this time to… 464 more words

Doctor Who (Classic Series)

Doctor Who - The Daemons

Seeing as I was forced by illness to spend yesterday inside, I figured it was a good time to get stuck into the massive pile of dvds that I have accumulated.  511 more words

Last of the Gaderene by Mark Gatiss

The Doctor and Jo are sent by the Brigadier to the village of Culverton, only to find sinister plans afoot and an old enemy.

Accomplished writer and actor Mark Gatiss takes us back to the Third Doctor’s UNIT days in hugely nostalgic story. 319 more words

Doctor Who

Serial 74 – Planet of the Spiders 1/2

I’ve seen this before, a couple times, and as recently as last year. It’s a good one, but not a great one. However, one of the most important ones of all. 3,278 more words


Serial 71 – Invasion of the Dinosaurs 2/2

We’re mid serial, so it’s time for a spoiler warning.

Episode 4:

General Finch storms in, demanding an explanation about “this latest fiasco” from the Brig. 2,832 more words