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Log #7: Assault on the Palace of Glass

Captain’s Log #7

Date: 26th of June, 1678

Location: Careened on beach at Glass Palace Cove

Conditions: Safe at last. In need of repairs.

Though I intend this log to serve as something of a sailor’s tale, a written record of our fantastic voyage, I must first and foremost keep the records of this ship. 2,815 more words

Captain's Log

Captains Log Janurary 24, 2017

latitude 34.288951, – longitude 118.719362

Today I awoke with a great beating in my heart.  “Hello”, said I to heart.  No answer was returned except that marvelous beating, springing with great consistency.   328 more words

Captain's Log: Issue 12 - Culture, Grammar, Trust

I’ve been writing a weekly email distributed newsletter: commentary on my travels and reflections, as well as various contemporarly news stories. I’m sharing occasional… 786 more words


Captain's Log: Miya and the Bloody Kree

Date:  2804,4482

Destination:              Kaledon System
Port of Departure: Myrina V
Port of Arrival:        Pelagos Station

Crewmen/Guests on Board: 588 more words

Session Reports

3303-04-28 - Colonia

Commander Name : Sima Basirat
Location : Colonia Hub, Colonia
Date : 3303-04-28
Time : 13:42 SGT
Type : Personal Log

I finally made it to my destination. 139 more words

Elite Dangerous

3303-04-26 - Gagarin Gate

Commander Name : Sima Basirat
Location : Gagarin Gate, Gru Hypue KS-T d3-31
Date : 3303-04-26
Time : 23:42 SGT
Type : Personal Log

After several days of jumping from system to system, looking out for interesting astronomical phenomenon, watching nebulae grow and then fade as I frameshift slowly by I found myself at my next stopping point. 365 more words

Elite Dangerous

310 words on Project Bubba. ~hour of prep work.

So Cormac McCarthy (wrote The Road, No Country for Old Men, Blood Meridian, others) wrote a non-fiction piece about the development of language that imagines the unconscious mind as a some sort of distinct being from the rest of a person’s mind. 47 more words

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