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Last Stretch -- Short Story Challenge Update

And now it’s the last week of the challenge, and so far I’ve been on track. Though I could have some better time management, instead of rushing everything at the last minute. 73 more words


Go and Get'em, Tiger-- Short Story Challenge Week 2 Update

Besides managing to not melt into a puddle, despite current apocalyptic temperatures, I also managed to get my reading up to date! What some sense of responsibility and determination can do for a person, right? 58 more words


captain's log: 17/6/2017

i am wounded inside out the moment you turned your back to bite the hand that feeds you. maybe this is what mother feels like everytime i turn out to be the synonym of disappointment, the antonym of gratitude, defining her worry lines, her downturned lips, her furrowed brows. 13 more words

Captain's Log

Log 14: Guards and Grog

Captain’s Log

Date: 27 June

Location: In a madhouse.

Conditions: As should be expected: mad.

If a man were to ask me what is the experience of captaining a ship, of leading a crew, I would say this: when you are the captain of a ship, everything goes wrong all at once. 1,963 more words

Damnation Kane

Final Hours in Hong Kong

I’ve mentioned before that Hong Kong has a beautiful skyline. It wasn’t until the 90s and 2000s when most of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers rose high above its land. 605 more words

Captain's Log

What's up? -- Short Story Challenge Week 1 Update

This week’s update is a bit late, I was supposed to have done it yesterday, but whatever.

To refresh your memories, I was supposed to have read one short story a day and written one short story a week. 197 more words


Log 13: Conversations with a Carpenter

Captain’s Log

Date: 27th of June, 1678

Location: Glass Palace

Conditions: Situation improving, but morale flags.

I stood before the man O’Flaherty had so basely stolen away. 2,257 more words

Damnation Kane