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How to make Fully functional Contact Form in php using mail() function ?

Description: In this example I’m gonna show you guys how to make fully functional contact form in php using mail() function. And in this example we also cover how to change the placeholder color, how to make… 670 more words


How to generate Captcha Code through PHP ?

Description:- In this example I generate the captcha code on the address plate like the following one. The blank image(without captcha) is under the code for you guys, you can download it and use it like me in your example.

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Php mail with captcha and validation

Here is free script for all of Php mail with captcha and validation,plz use the follow link http://kuberjsr.github.io/captcha.js/

For more stay update withus. We will right back with more useful stuff.

Captcha Code

terminator code

On a positive note, the era of the captcha code will soon have passed. On a (not necessarily connected but) related playground word is out, “Beware, the End is Nigh”. 424 more words


PHP Simple Captcha Example

The pursuing code will prepare a CAPTCHA image and keep the code in a session variable for later use:

” session_start();

$image = imagecreatefromjpeg(“captcha_bg.jpg”);

$text=substr(md5(rand(10,100)),0,1); 18 more words

Captcha Example

Captcha Codes Suck Robot Balls

Captcha codes make me want to smash my computer screen with a sledge hammer.

On average, it takes me three to four tries before I finally solve the almighty puzzle that was ironically intended to prove I’m an independent thinker and… 462 more words

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