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Captcha On Reset Password Page Not Visible

Trying to log in from my new computer and forgot my password. The verification captcha is not visible, so I am unable to log into the forum. 8 more words

Fighting Spam with CAPTCHA

Some WordPress administrators find that a traditional spam-analysis tool like Akismet
isn’t enough to stop the inevitable avalanche of spam. Others find that Akismet
consistently flags good comments as spam, creating a different sort of commentmoderation… 418 more words


Questions to life #9

1. What’s the difference between a frankfurt and a sausage? I know one is red and one is brown but aren’t the ingredients the same?? 83 more words

Rambling Goat

simple captcha using php with javascript


<script type=”text/javascript”>

//Created / Generates the captcha function
function DrawCaptcha()

var code = “”;
var possible = “ABCDEFGH0123456789IJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789″;

for( var i=0; i < 4; i++ ) 185 more words


Fun Captcha

Just checking… If a member attempts to post a comment as a guest, that flags the IP as potential spam, yes? ((Aka puts one s IP on a temp ban until staff can untangle it?)) … Wanting to make sure before I went to play with the new Turing Test (although sometimes I think I really am a robot… Cue: Binary solo! 12 more words

Captcha Tweak

I have modified the captcha to fun captcha… a little more fun, easy, and more options to ensure members are not bothered with it on articles. 36 more words


At the WordPress Louisville meetup this week I heard about a new tool, Engagely.

We were doing a bit of show and tell and one site had a member signup form and included a Captcha. 143 more words