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How To Earn Money With Captcha.

It is better way to earn money online.Just enter few captchas and get paid.If you daily use it for 1-2 hr you can get 2-3$.Just Login into 2captcha and start as worker.Once you finished your training you can earn money by just typing captcha codes.It Pays money with webmoney,payza,bitcoin,etc. 6 more words


Visual Captcha: An Effective Alternative

CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is a type of test that is commonly used in this age of modern computing in order to identify if the user is human or not. 152 more words


Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day May 18, 2017

As Lainey Feingold pointed out in her post “Today is the 6th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). It’s a day to recognize that everyone uses technology — including those of us who can’t see a screen, hear a video, or hold a mouse. 288 more words


What is Google captcha and what does it do?

One of the most annoying things you get to deal with when running a website is spammers and bots. While this problem might seem like a trivial matter, there are quite a lot of unwanted things that your website gets. 415 more words


Yelp Captcha

We could really use some love on our Yelp page, for anyone who has used our company in the past, don’t be afraid to stop by our page and leave us your thoughts on our service – we appreciate your feedback! 7 more words

What is CAPTCHA? How Does it work? What is use of it? Click Me To Know More!

CAPTCHA: Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

Have you’ve ever tried to register with a website or comment on a blog and been asked to enter some crazy characters that have been all jumbled up, you know how frustrating it can sometimes be to tell a lower case L from a number 1 or an uppercase O from a number 0. 562 more words


I'm Not a Robot

I think it’s weird whenever I come across one of those CAPTCHAs designed to thwart spam and I am asked to check a box stating that I’m not a robot. 582 more words

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