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4th POST - Duolingo

Interesting fact about the owner of duolingo. When he was at Uni he came up with an idea of stopping Bots, he came up with the notion of captcha. 12 more words


Twitter just told us how cool its real-time search is… 

Like Bitly, Twitter has a great real-time data set and very smart data scientists and engineers. But instead of relying on a primarily computational solution, Twitter treats real-time search more like a CAPTCHA problem. 149 more words


A more sophisticated honeytrap

I meant to do this follow up ages ago!

The previous simple captcha cut down spam by ~90%. Significant, but 10% is still way too much. 241 more words

Web Development

Digging Data Out of Dinosaur Journals

You know how when you are filling out a form on a website sometimes it will ask you to tell it what word you see in a box in order to prove you’re human? 706 more words

American Museum Of Natural History

Meraup Dollar Dari Mengetik CAPTCHA

Ada begitu banyak cara untuk mendapatkan penghasilan tanpa harus kita bekerja menjadi seorang karyawan di suatu perusahaan yang kegiatannya mengharuskan kita untuk berangkat ke kantor tiap pagi.   390 more words

Kerja Online

Just to make sure

Just to be certain that folks wanting to comment here are not really from some sweat-shop in some obscure 3rd world hacker-haven, where they pay under-age video-gamers to provide humanoid responses to the various captcha challenges, we have selected a new program to help weed-out these bogus visitors – leaving us with only sincere responses. 22 more words

IT Tricks

Crime of Convenience: Ticketmaster Strikes Again

(Originally published on Grateful Music)

Russell’s Round Room

On Friday morning, August 14th, at 10:00AM a virtual hand slowly slithered out of my computer screen, ripped my heart out, and slapped me in the face. 1,034 more words

Grateful Jam