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How to Break Captcha!!!

Today in this article we will discuss about how to break captcha’s with programming languages. You will get a basic idea how write a program to break Captcha.  534 more words


How to Trick Spam Bots with a Smarter Honey Pot

Spam’s are quite annoying. Any websites that permits unknown users to submit the forms would face a tough time because spamming software’s or spam bots submit rubbish content. 727 more words


Algorithm to Break Visual Captcha

We all know that Captcha’s are extensively used nowadays to avoid any script that is automated to carry out an activity that a human is supposed to do. 954 more words


Google - CAPTCHA

Acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.  A test that asks the user to read distorted text and type it in a text box.   37 more words


Do Captchas Make it Easy to ID Anonymous Web Users?

Sometimes, read the comments.

There’s been a lot of upvoting over the last couple days on sites like HackerNews and Reddit for a post on Cryptome… 659 more words


How I Make Money Online Doing Captcha

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Malamang, nag-iexplore ka din sa  mga paraan how to earn online kaya you end up on this page. 169 more words


il cieco terrorista

Racconto di fantasia contro i captcha ottici, che ha partecipato al contest Fun Cool sesta edizione marzo 2011 (ringrazio Raffaele di averlo mantenuto in rete perché io l’avevo perso). 893 more words