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Quick Friday grumble

I’ve been on a blogging hiatus – mostly because the news always seems to be much the same. Don’t worry, though, it’s getting interesting again and I have things to say, so watch this space for some proper blogging soon. 238 more words


15 Most Commonly used captcha examples

Captcha is used in the daily lives of different users to confirm that they are genuine users and not robots. Also, it is used as a form of a security question before submitting any form of sensitive information either for admission or giving an exam. 1,766 more words

Excerpts from my Text messages.

Its hard to live like this and pay rent for it. Which I agreed to do. Not alot.. but enough prat falls keep happening to where i dont see how this makes any progress to the next step. 124 more words

The Census

I filled out my census survey today. As I said recently (when I filed for unemployment), is there anything like a government form to make a person feel stupid? 485 more words


Ur Past Wnt Ctch U Now Part 4: The Fire

I cant be alone here

I cant be the only one who feels like Im going nowhere just wishing somehow this dream will carry me. 76 more words