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#Google Introduces New Invisible #CAPTCHA System

Google is set to replace the reCAPTCHA security checkbox verification with an updated CAPTCHA system that will be invisible to users. #Bots

UX is Everything

There are too many passwords to remember.

Therefore the user experience of “forgot your password”-button is essential. Not surprisingly when I had to reset my password for Skype, I was not particularly happy with this… 54 more words


Typing Work (Suitable for peoples who are good in typing)

Typing Work (Suitable for peoples who are good in typing) :

Captcha Solving is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to earn money in online. 117 more words

Google kills off the Captcha, ensuring humans don't need to see the most annoying thing on the internet | The Independent

Google just killed the Captcha, perhaps the most obstructive thing on the entire internet. For years, Captcha served as the primary way of telling humans and robots apart on the internet. 56 more words


I'm Not A Robot - How Google is going to save us all from this!

Needless to ask – have you ever got annoyed by this tiny little checkbox that verifies whether or not you’re a human being. Countless times, right? 184 more words


Engadget: Google's new reCAPTCHA automatically tells you're not a bot

Engadget: Google’s new reCAPTCHA automatically tells you’re not a bot. Well thank goodness, I need some affirmation. “Over the years, Google has utilised a number of methods to distinguish between human and bots on the web. 54 more words

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Online Booking

I have been trying to book some tickets on-line recently  and realized that it is becoming a real challenge to book tickets on-line or maybe its my age :). 732 more words