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Theory of Integrated Artificial Intelligence Programming and Distributed Blind Data Population Tasking

Author: William Thompson (2017-02-20)


This is a brief summary of a concept involving the automated process of artificial intelligence programming and automated blind data population tasking via third party distribution of captcha-based security measures. 861 more words


Monthly Update #1

So if you saw my previous post, watching the ball drop in 2017 was the impetus for finally getting my butt in gear and starting the journey from EBT (having to rely on government assistance for food, etc.) to financial freedom, to be defined as receiving enough in passive income each month to take care of my family. 502 more words

'I'm not a robot' verification test beaten by ... a robot

It is not time to panic. This is not the end of internet verification checks to make sure we’re humans. This is not the final triumph of bots over bods. 393 more words


Watch A Robot Easily Beat A Test To Prove It's Not A Robot

Since most of us can’t even be relied on not to use a stupid password, most of the internet relies on Captcha to ensure they don’t get buried by spambots or ripped off by Eastern Bloc teenagers. 187 more words

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Captcha de nouveau dépassé

La course entre robots et captcha vient à nouveau de rebondir, les dernières vérifications qui bloquaient depuis quelques temps les robots, obligeant un clic humain pour valider notre présence, souvent utilisés pour les téléchargements viennent d’être dépassées. 140 more words


Watch this smug robot defeat a CAPTCHA

All security measures will eventually become obsolete, but rarely do you get to see technology overcome by technology. Our society uses CAPTCHAs to ensure only people can access secure websites, instead of robots. 12 more words


Authentication and Authorization

Authentication and Authorization are two terms which you may have come across while logging into a system. Even though they appear to be similar but in real terms they are actually very different! 179 more words

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