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Online Challenges

Many times recently I’ve been met with the challenge of completing forms on line. This can sometimes be an absolute nightmare particularly when you’re completing them on behalf of someone else who isn’t “fond” of computers. 326 more words

How To...

KetMoney.club, SCAM WEBSITE?

People are always attracted to get rich schemes found on the internet, why? Because people need money and in order for us to earn money, we need to take the risks. 700 more words

CAPTCHA nightmare

This is an example of a captcha verification screen:


According to the official captcha website, ‘…humans can read distorted text as the one shown , but current computer programs can’t.’ 168 more words

My Soap Box

SF’s Forecast of Robot Coup is Happening Now

No, robots themselves are not governing the world as some works of Science Fiction envisioned, but unscrupulous humans are using a variant called a bot to attempt just that. 332 more words

Science News

Vicarious gets another $50 million to expand its research team and build smarter robots

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg might not be able to agree about much when it comes to AI these days, but the pair do seem to see the same potential in  298 more words


NTU team breaks captcha system for global award

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

Breaking a captcha system may result in serious privacy and security implications, but for six undergraduates, doing so spelt a breakthrough.

A captcha is a computer program or system which can tell the difference between human and machine input, and is generally used to prevent spam and automated extraction of data from websites. 379 more words

Current Affairs


At one point, there was no way to acquire bitcoins unless you mine it (which is too complicated for an average person) and risk your money buying it. 245 more words