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Brand, Fangled, and New

The sun shines constantly on new vistas for those on the lookout, and even heavily-trodden paths.   I’ve lost count of the times I’ve read or listened to Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey-Maturin series of historical novels without considering the origins of the ubiquitous nautical term, “starboard.” Essentially a 7,000-page sea saga of the Napoleonic era from the perspective of a British naval captain and his physician friend, much of the action in O’Brian’s novels takes place on ships, so references to “port” for “left,” and “starboard” for “right” are manifold. 617 more words

Pitting Charizard against Blaziken will only ignite a fiery explosion

Ash and Charizard may have lost this particular battle against Harrison and Blaziken, but they were still able to put up a good fight.


Captions on Instagram

My favorite post from the journals this week was this one, by Sara, because she made me think about something I had not thought much about before: captions on Instagram. 106 more words