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The main chamber was as peaceful as ever with the only sound being that of the Flash man chugging down a beer.

There was something off about the floor though. 106 more words


Darkness beckons again

With another pokémon under my belt, I once again tried to find my back to the entrance, but once again grabbed a pokémon. A weird one at that, not even during the battl was I able to recognize it. 58 more words


The darkness beckons

I turned around and stretched my hands in order to grab the handle on the stairs but my hands caught nothing but air.

Again I reached, to the left, right, but the handle was nowhere to be seen. 132 more words


SWAT body camera captures dramatic scene of hostage standoff

BALTIMORE/March 29, 2017 (AP)(STL.News) — Body camera video captured a scene rarely made public: a Baltimore SWAT supervisor ordering an officer to kill a man holding two children hostage with a knife. 13 more words

Gift of a traveller

The streets were bustling with movement, people leaving or arriving from several boats and merchants trading their wares.

One of the fresh arrivals looked lost, like she was searching for someone or something. 210 more words


Morning explanation

The sounds of the ocean made for an easy and peaceful sleep. And slept I did, like a rock.

The next morning I was greeted with the smell of fresh bread coming from the nextdoor bakery and proceeded to make my way out of the center. 399 more words