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Frat Party with Hillbilly Thomists

As the title would indicate, last night was yet another peculiar night as a friar. Maybe the most peculiar night I have had as a friar. 878 more words


Losing One of the Best: +Bill Wiethorn, OFM Cap.

By Matt Janeczko, OFM Cap.

The Capuchin world weeps this week after losing one of the best friars known around these parts.  After a brief battle with terminal lung cancer, Father William “Bill” Wiethorn passed to his eternal reward. 142 more words


Death, Pickaxes, and Home Videos: A Franciscan Feast

Just as the universal Church remembers and makes present the reality of Jesus with major celebrations throughout the year (Christmas, Easter), Franciscans come together each October 3rd and 4th to remember how Francis of Assisi lived and died as a spirit-filled imitator of our savior. 1,329 more words


Praying With Padre Pio

1. Prayer is the oxygen of the soul.

2. The Lord our King will hold the door of His heart open for anyone who wants to enter for an audience at any time. 420 more words


Capuchins use insect repellent ...

Capuchins in Venezuela suffer with insect infestations from botfly larva. However in order to defend themselves against the attack, they search branches and termite mounds for a specific species of the Millipede, that contains benzoquinones that acts as a insect repellent. 22 more words


We Grow Where We're Planted; or, Don't Blame the Soil

By Matthew Janeczko, OFM Cap.

“Capuchins grow where they are planted.”

– Father Bertin Roll

The image above gets it wrong.  Fr. Bertin had it right, not just for Capuchins, but for all of us. 518 more words

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