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There are a lot of Things We don't know about monkeys

Curious baby monkeys in Lopburi, Thailand. (Photo: jeep2499 /Shutterstock)

Considering they’re one of our closest cousins, you’d think we humans would know a thing or two about… 479 more words


Happy World Monkey Day

Monkey Day is celebrated internationally on 14 December. It was created by American artist Casey Sorrow in 2000. It
began as a in-joke between Sorrow and fellow art students at… 1,489 more words

White Elephants, Capuchens, and Human Behavior

When you receive a gift, what do you expect?  Given the wrapping etc. most gifts are a surprise but that doesn’t mean we don’t have certain expectations for them. 1,007 more words


Don Bosco's Prophecy and Today's World-Wide War Against the Church

(My good friend, Fr. Regis Scanlon, is writing a series of pieces relating Don Bosco’s famous prophecy to today’s events. Fr. Regis is a Franciscan Capuchin. 1,881 more words

The Storm

St. Francis of Assisi

As storms lash the Carolinas, we in dry California are reminded that the seasons are changing. The earth turns, moving toward shorter days and longer nights. 1,099 more words

"Working in subtleties": the why and how of my call to discernment

by James McCallum ’16

“Do not be afraid. Open the doors wide for Christ…Do not be afraid. Christ knows “what is in man.” He alone knows it.” – Pope St.

713 more words

Surprised by a Pleasant Good Friday

A couple of years ago I made the mistake of going to St. Mary’s Pro Cathedral in Dublin for the Veneration of the Cross on Good Friday. 435 more words