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Immigration: la proposition caquiste est insensée, selon Couillard

Premier Couillard responds to the latest proposals of the CAQ (Immigration: la CAQ veut resserrer les exigences):

Le premier ministre s’est insurgé mardi contre la volonté de la CAQ de montrer la sortie aux immigrants qui n’arrivent pas, à terme, à s’intégrer à la majorité francophone, au marché de l’emploi et aux «valeurs québécoises».

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Immigration: la CAQ veut resserrer les exigences

The CAQ continues its focus on identity politics in the current consultations on immigration, with probationary residency and a test on Quebec values:

«Il faut être prudents, c’est un sujet qui est complexe, c’est délicat, il ne faut pas faire des amalgames, il faut être respectueux, a-t-il dit.

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Looking back on the 2014 Quebec election, my rookie campaign for the CAQ

A year ago today, the 40th Quebec Legislature was dissolved and I embarked on one of the hardest, craziest and most rewarding adventures of my professional life: Running as a candidate for the Coalition Avenir Québec in the 2014 provincial election. 1,222 more words


All mosques should face ‘Quebec values’ investigation before being allowed to open: CAQ leader

Sigh …

But why stop there? What about churches? Synagogues? Gurdwaras? Is Legault really sure that they also agree or disagree with “Quebec values” as he would define them? 439 more words


With Péladeau as leader, the PQ could win next election: poll

MONTREAL — According to a new poll, the Parti Québécois could win the next provincial election with media mogul Pierre Karl Péladeau at its helm. 86 more words


Religious freedom: The freedom to discriminate?

On Monday, François Legault, the leader of a political party (the CAQ) in Quebec, proposed the creation of a provincial body that would police various organizations, especially mosques, to be sure they were upholding Quebec values. 228 more words


Le fisc doit sévir contre les intégristes religieux, dit Legault

Not fully thought out. Implications on freedom of speech and what about fundamentalists of other religions, such as Christians and Jews. After all, fundamentalists of all religions tend to reject the largely secular values dear to Québecois. 441 more words