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Woven waves

In the run-up to the Great Move – oh yes, it really is going to happen this time – I have been getting rid of things (honestly) and buying very little. 103 more words

Car Boot Sale

Fire Service Car Boot Sale Birkenshaw

Go and grab yourself a bargain at the West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service at the Birkenshaw Headquarters.

Sunday 11 December 2016 – 9.30am to 1pm… 28 more words

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Gift, appropriated

Lucy lost out on this one: bought this leather wallet at Brighton Marina car boot sale to give to her for Christmas, but then my own tore, so… Wouldn’t normally go for these colours – it’s bright pink on the outside – but at £1, I’m not complaining. 12 more words

Car Boot Sale

Cool curtains

Loved these printed linen curtains – pair, £10 at the Brighton Marina car boot sale – and thought they were a worthwhile purchase to take with us to the New Place, at that point as yet-unfound. 112 more words

Car Boot Sale

Marvellous mugs

So I’ve had my eye on Pantone mugs for a long time, but of all the things I need in life, more mugs are not among them. 63 more words

Car Boot Sale

Super scarves

The three-scarves-for-£1 lady at the Brighton Marina car boot sale is proving a dangerous temptation, in terms of accumulation if not financial outlay. The two long, narrow printed ones here – no label, I have no idea where they’re from – were, I thought, an abstract print, the faces only appearing to me when I got them home and laid them out on the floor for this photo… Not that they show when worn, anyway. 42 more words

Car Boot Sale

Sunday Car Boot Sale

What a busy but successful Sunday boot sale that was!! There’s a tongue-twister for ya! Thank you to everyone who came round to see us. We made a fantastic £133! 9 more words

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