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Mithriya Creations

Mithriya Creations

We are small business enterprenuers. We learn from everyone not only well educated nd experience person but also from illetrate nd un-experinced person… 22 more words

7 Stage Battery Chargers

Introducing the New and Innovative KT 7 Stage Smart Battery Chargers!

Innovative smart technology is incorporated to monitor the charging process, delivering an advanced 7 stage charge to maximize battery performance and life. 1,038 more words

Battery Accessories

Battery charging made easy

Car batteries die. Deal with it. Despite marketing speak and manufacturer claims, batteries do die with a remarkable penchant for picking the most inopportune moment to do so. 810 more words

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iPhone 7 Accessories

There are a lot of different accessories for iPhone 7 in the market. What makes them different ? Quality and again quality.

We choose gadgets and accessories for iPhone 7 
based on usability, functions, design, convenience and price. 199 more words