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The car industry just doesn't get it.

The car industry hasn’t progressed much online in the past 10 years. In the web-centric universe we live in, there’s a surprisingly high level of disfunction and disconnect in how car dealerships deal with web shoppers. 591 more words

Customer Experience

SWL Man to the rescue

The FTC’s latest strongly-worded letter is nice, but will it matter? TeslaMondo has compiled a recent history of strongly-worded letters about Tesla and its retailing endeavors. 246 more words


Social Media For Car Dealers- Are you in or out?

If you are in the car business you have to use social media. It’s that simple isn’t it?

Yes, I believe that it is that simple. 328 more words

DIY Part II - Things worked out better this time.

So the CD player in my 2007 Prius went South; wouldn’t eject disks any longer. Time to get a new one.

Called up two dealerships requesting information. 232 more words

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Car Dealers

Car Dealers

The car 3D games are perfect for measuring skills well earned and once again slept like baby. Leasing services have grown in recent years to more companies that and they can supply you that antique car part.The best practice for towing caravan is that the MTPLM to there construct Hydrogen fuel stations with Shell. 237 more words

Automakers and Dealers Driven to Social Media and Marketing

Car dealers and makers are always looking to drive up sales, and marketing and social media are two key components of that.

Marketing that focuses on providing customers with both useful information and an engaging experience is key to boosting car sales. 647 more words

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