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6 Marketing Ideas for Car Dealers

Are you a Car Dealer? Great. I believe you are making loads of bucks. Just kidding. I pray that your business grows bigger and bigger. 255 more words

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Why Even a Best Price Can Sometimes Change

One of the comments often heard by both customers and competitors (and remember that I was one of them) is that the “best price” is not really the best because prices can still be lowered. 514 more words

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Sark On Electronic Rust Inhibitors

After driving a 20-year-old car around, wondering if it was gonna die on me, I finally decided to buy a new car.

This blog isn’t about the car (which is cool!), it is about a device the sale representative tried to sell me; and I very nearly bought it. 707 more words



Here is a fun little fact:

“It may come as a surprise that a staggering 318 million LEGO tires are produced each year, that’s over 870,000 each day!  160 more words


Pros of Buying From a Used Car Dealer

Financing: Unlike private sellers, most used car dealers offer flexible finance options. The interest rates are usually lower than what you would find at the bank, and you can pre-apply online for optimal ease. 312 more words


Nissan Has Great Sales, Pays Out Big Incentives And Rebates To Dealers To Get There

Nissan is one of the top auto brands in the country, which is nice and all, but the owner of the country’s largest chain of auto dealers gave us a peek under the hood to explain why he doesn’t like the practices that help get it there. 177 more words

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Volvo parent looking to dodge dealers

Chinese-owned Volvo’s Chinese-owned sibling, Geely, is eyeing US factory-direct sales in a few years for its Lyft product line. NADA doesn’t like the idea. Look for more stories along this narrative, as Tesla forces everyone to study the century-old car business anew. 102 more words

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