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5 cars that have aged abnormally well

Just like people, some cars age well and others well… not so much. Here are five cars that refuse to look their age.

Ford Ka… 448 more words


Red Dot Awards - Communication Design

Clever use of one of the stand-out features of the Smart car (or fourtwo as it’s officially known) is its ability to park ‘end-on’, effectively squeezing 2+ cars into the space of a typical hatchback. 145 more words

Car Design

Brotherly Grub project

The Ryan brothers bought a food truck to make their dream come true, serving local conscious food, healthy, tasty, with foraged seaweed and surrounding edible plants. 92 more words

West Cork


The car that seemed to match, or compliment, my identity was a Volvo 760 turbo. Quiet, solid, reliable, aerodynamics of a brick (the car, not me), and we were together for twenty years or more. 460 more words

Car Design

Great Detailing Products for your DIY Car Creations

Detailing is very essential to be able to bring something unique and interesting in your DIY creations. Whether you are creating a t-shirt, a table runner or pillows cases for your living area, detailed accessories and design will make them stand out and personalized for your needs and style. 235 more words


Mind the gap!

Far from being the worst offspring of the late Sacco/Peter Pfeiffer era at Mercedes-Benz, the CL-coupé (C215) still exhibits a very poignant reminder of what went wrong at Untertürkheim during this particular period of time… 208 more words

Was Then ...

Throwback #1

So a lot of doodles or small sketches are courtesy of the incredibly boring lectures in my college and sketching tiny cars in the corner of notebooks has become like a defence mechanism to keep me from dozing off… 66 more words