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In China They Eat Dogs

Chris Bangle has returned to car design, but isn’t back.

The most influential car designer of the past two decades has returned to the automotive realm. 657 more words


Car of the Year: The Alfa Romeo Giulia

As the year comes to a close, it’s always a fun time to look back on all the new cars that have come into production during the year. 240 more words

Car Design: Evolution of the Stang

Welcome to another blog about car design, and this time we are looking at the evolution of the Ford Mustang.  Now I understand that not everyone is a fan of the Mustang for various reasons. 482 more words

Thou Shalt Not Poke Fun

Compiling a list of The 100 Prettiest Cars Of All Time sounds like a fairly straightforward task. Until you ask Chris Bangle to cast a vote…  403 more words


Dirk's Demise vs Luc's Lamento

Bentley’s Bentayga SUV turned out to be an instant smash sales success. Yet the car that was intended to preview it was not only met with fright – it also cost its chief designer his job.  1,467 more words


The Tesla Roadster

For those keeping up with the car world, you may have heard about a little reveal this past week. The reveal of the Tesla freakin Roadster! 236 more words

Putting It Together Again

Returning to my model, part six thousand four hundred and ninety two. It feels like I’ve been making this model forever now, so here is what it looks like now. 209 more words