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160. The Nureyev of the NCP

“You still typin’, Luci?”
“What the fuck do you mean, Scorcher?”
“Well, every time I come in ‘ere you’re either typin’ or shovin’ that mouse about.” 1,414 more words

The Stories.

5 Worst Things That Can Happen In The Car Park

I think car parks are very stressful environments, especially badly-designed ones. There’s a certain amount of risk involved in entering a car park, especially at weekends and around Christmas time when the whole thing can resemble a demolition derby. 257 more words

Caroline Kidd

3. Blue badge guilt syndrome

I probably should mention that the name of this blog comes from me having a blue badge (thank you Mr Obvious). The name reflects my attitude towards disability as I try to see the ‘glass half full’ side of life. 434 more words

Introspectives #15

Some people think black and white photography is rather overdone these days – others regard it as the best of mediums. Evidently some subjects make it more or less suitable but I like it because handling colour well comes with experience. 251 more words


Thank you to architects

I would like to express my thanks to all the architects around the world who obviously think of us photographers when designing buildings. Why else would they come up with the elaborate facade of this city centre car park? 39 more words


231/365 - Building Abstract

The Cheese Grater car park, as it’s known locally, is a swanky modern building in the Centre of Sheffield.  It costs an arm and leg to park there but that’s ok because in 2013, it was crowned  7 more words