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How Swatch came to my rescue

I’ve always believed that even though we live in a savage world there are still a few good men out there. Suffice it to say I wasn’t disappointed. 454 more words


Three Next Door (2015)

1. Neighbor.
2. Market.
3. Stonehenge.
2 years to mark-
A 26-space coach


See an Eagle?

I often get strange looks when I am out and about taking photographs, but on this occasion it was a strange question that I got. Whilst pointing my camera at this scene in Anchorage, Alaska, a passer by asked me if I had seen an eagle.  30 more words


Adelaide Airport

Located just 6km away from the city center,Adelaide airport is the main international airport in Southern Australia. It has a single terminal building that is able to handle both local and international passenger traffic. 360 more words


We need to talk about suicide

In this age mental health is clearly an increasing problem.

Peterborough alone has approximately 15 to 20 suicides each year.

The government cutting mental health service budgets… 284 more words


Richard III - do we care?

There’s been a lot of furore around the discovery and subsequent reburial of Richard III, starting many months ago when rumours circulated that the last Plantagenet King of England had been discovered, of all places, under a car park in Leicester… and which culminated today in the impressive service held at Leicester Cathedral. 370 more words