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Bit of an emotional rollercoaster with nerves!

Just had an emotional roller coaster of nerves and worry. All is well now car is okay and the dentist went okay. I worried becauae I had parked somewhere where I wasn’t sure of, whilst was off to dentist which also was nervous about. 145 more words

Out And About

Luxury Hollyhead Accommodation

Chardonnay loaded Thursday evening with a full load, including bikes.  We want her weighed pretty much as if we are off full-time, as being over weight invalidates insurance as well as being unsafe.   256 more words

abandoned before the storm

Acrylic 40cm by 50cm. Empty car park roof on a rainy day. Bradford Street Birmingham UK 6 more words


Abandoned before the storm

Acrylic on canvas 40cm by 50cm. Empty carpark roof on a rainy day. Bradford street Birmingham UK 6 more words


"Shopping accomplished" in London, UK

London, UK, images, retail, business, shops, supermarkets, advertising, work, selling; supermarket car parks, lifts, shopping, daily duties, customers, shopping trolley, bags, buying


Personal Sutton - A Lot

I walk past this car park almost every day. Like everything, its meaning changes with the years.

In the earliest days of being allowed to play with friends unsupervised, it became known as ‘The Lot’. 592 more words