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Getting on with it.. 

So yesterday parking at work was amusing.

On a happy note I reverse parked in to a bay which I was super happy about without hitting the pillar. 256 more words


Wait For Us


This morning Jackie and I kept our appointment with Neils Dagless of Dagless and Whitlock. He witnessed our signatures on the mortgage documents. 190 more words

Now this is annoying …

For over 20 years I worked in a Local Authority parking department, so I know a great deal about the issues surrounding parking in this country. 198 more words


Closer look at Celtic (and Emirate shed) EV charging

Since I had some old (unused) pics lying around, I thought I might as well look at EV (electric vehicle) charging at Parkhead.

I won’t go techie, mainly because the last time I did this the end result was just to attract the sort of moron who spends their day telling folk they are wrong (even when they are right – I CAN read electrical standards). 307 more words


Saving native trees in the Darol Ulum College - Evans Reserve land swap

I attended Moreland Council on Wednesday night. One of the items for consideration was the land swap with Darul Ulum College and Evans Reserve. Although I have no in principal objection to the land swap – council will not loose any land as part of Evans Reserve – I am concerned about the seven native trees in part of Evans Reserve that will be swapped. 219 more words


Day Off

Well, this is vexing. I wrote this post and pressed the buttons and sat back as it loaded. I had added (Part 1) to the title, but when I switched on to write Part 2 I tried to link it to Part 1 and found it wasn’t there. 442 more words


Watch where you park!

Indonesia is often “panas” (hot) and “cerah” (sunny) or “hujan” (rainy). So the guests provide shelter for the locals in areas they call car parks. These shelters seem to disappear in the morning and return in the evening but at the weekend they don’t move. 29 more words