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When you have six incurable diseases, are a cancer survivor since 1983, and were forced to retire early due to health and income problems, you have probably seen your share of  481 more words


7 Common Reasons for Being Late

We have all done it. You said you would arrive at 7:30 and you end up leaving your house at 7:29. Your friends are asking where you are and you sent a “On my way” text as you are rolling out of bed. 596 more words


The Mystery of My Vibrating Car (or I could have just googled the issue)

For a while, I thought my car was going to shake itself to death. Every week the shaking/shivering of my car intensified. It was at the point where a white knuckled grip of the steering wheel was vital with speeds above 30. 604 more words

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Flat Tire this Morning....Praise God!

I left my house this morning, running late as usual, just to discover I had a flat tire.  No fun!  I was discouraged and started feeling sorry for myself because of course when something “bad” happens you automatically begin thinking the whole world is working against you and if anything else could ruin your day it will surely happen too!  809 more words


2015 Project 365, Day 251: Car Problems

Photo #251: September 8

I was supposed to go to SM Taytay for a foodie meetup earlier, but I had to absent myself because of some car problems, plus I could not access an Uber nor Grab car. 45 more words

Santa Rosa Final

Ever notice that when a vacation is over, it seems like it happened LONG ago?  Shoot a week ago I was still in California, I had just taken a ride through wine country and I was spending time by the pool.   1,219 more words


10 Life Lessons Learned During my First Week in Memphis

This past week living down in Memphis has been fun, exciting, challenging and definitely educational! I have never lived more than 45 minutes away from home and therefore never REALLY had to fend for myself. 479 more words