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Damsel in Distress...

I’m small but I’m a tough cookie, well, I like to think I am so please for the purpose of this post just humour me! 1,074 more words


Our {Un} Reliably Miraculous Car

An emotional story of our recent car whoas with .gifs of my actual face for emphasis.

(creative liberties taken with the use of the word actual) 988 more words


Stressing in the shadow of the moon

Traveling to see the total eclipse of the sun this week meant spending time with extended family. Now I love the members of my family. We get along well with each other, probably better than the average American family. 934 more words


Car Chronicles #1: Getting the Radio to Work

I haven’t written on this blog in a long time, but today while sitting in my car I was inspired. As of Feb 2016 I have owned a used car that was handed to me by my boyfriend. 411 more words


Engine Demons

Even though it was my home, The Devil led the way into the living room of The House on the Hill.

I was in too good of a mood, though, so I let my guest in the impeccably tailored suit act like he owned the place. 978 more words


Maine: A Beautiful Postcard

It has been a long, trying week, Modern Philosophers, so I needed to change it up a little tonight in an attempt to shake me out of my funk. 599 more words


American Idle

“Throw me the idol,

I’ll throw you

The whip..”

That empty promise

Almost cost Indy

His life.

Today, it was an idle

Of a different spelling… 136 more words