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No Laughing Matter

I have this horrible habit of laughing at the wrong times. It’s my stress reaction. I don’t laugh at really horrible things, just normal things that you’re supposed to show polite sympathy for. 256 more words


when life slaps you in the face...

i’ve become some sort of shopaholic. i’m trying to figure out what sort of one i am… i want to be somewhere that i am actually fucking comfortable in my debt, my bills, my life, and job, that i can just buy what i want – but then if i did that… i wouldn’t be adulting now, would i. 509 more words

Life Skills

I HATE getting my oil changed.

I’ve started to hate it when it’s time for me to get my oil changed. Why has this simple task became such a procrastinated and dreaded errand for me? 382 more words

Other Good Stuff

The Hookup On: Being A Car Owner

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Recently, I had a bad week that turned worse when my car decided to not start on a rainy Monday morning. 358 more words


50 days

Well here we are at 50 days and today I surely could have used one… About a month ago a critter decided to munch down on a cable inside my car and woudnt it be just my luck to be the most expensive one. 154 more words

A year and a half late

Call me a workaholic, but I’m always busy. I have about thirty-two thousand projects on the go at any given moment. What’s the last thing someone like that expects or wants? 839 more words

2016 GMC Sierra

Apologies for not Posting

Last week was not great for many reasons. From forgetting the charger for my computer to my car not starting intermittently, last week was a real challenge. 255 more words