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Days Off

Any one who has worked in retail knows how valuable your days off are and how precious getting a day off on the weekends is. Even in the middle of the week if you have a day off where you are not overwhelmed with adult-ing and get a chance to catch up with friends that feeling is the best! 328 more words


Going through boxes part 3// Selling

Now that all the birthday parties are over, I can continue to go through boxes, but I mainly try to sell stuff at the moment, so we can get rid of everything before we hav to move. 647 more words


August 12, 2016: Olympos

I wake up watching Futurama. Before I get the drive to pull myself from the couch I’ve seen two more episodes. I get my coffee and put on the two newest episodes of Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 189 more words

The Car Woes

Ever since I moved to Oahu, I’ve been having car woes.

The first hour I arrived on this island, someone reversed into me. I had to go through the long process of filing a claim with my company, explaining to them what happened, and then to his company. 141 more words


Turkmenibat to Bukhara

We headed for the border the next morning and found ourselves at what appeared to be a toll bridge. We were now being asked for more dollars to the value of what we had been charged to bring the car in to the country as well as the toll charge in Mannat. 490 more words

Trip Updates

Turkmenbashi to Ashgabat

Having escaped the mess at the port and the endless bureaucracy we found a filling station and filled the car with fuel (25p a litre). Then we headed off and found John a cafe and some coffee. 1,029 more words

Trip Updates

Ashley and the Cursed Envoy 

In 2014, I bought my 1998 GMC Envoy from an auto auction.

It was perfect, ran great, had 135K miles on the engine, we repaired the cosmetic damage, tweaked what we needed, put brand new tires on, spent countless hours at pull and save pulling all “New” interior for it (I took it from broken grey/faux wood to black for everything), I even paid $200 for brand new leather heated seats out of a newer Envoy. 479 more words