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Why Having A Driving App Is Essential And Why Carmen?

There is no denying that technology has a great impact on us and smartphones are communication gadgets that provide great functionality to people. As drivers, we need to be updated with the latest apps that gives us the best information out there to know about cars and particularly, our car. 504 more words

Dash Warning Lights Diagnostic

If your car have a warning light comes on you want to know what that warning light means? Is it safe to keep driving or what do you think need help? 69 more words

Car Owners, avoid these mistakes to prevent breakdowns!

Car breakdowns are scary, especially if you have never experienced one before. It is important to know the common reasons behind it so you can take steps to prevent yourself from being stranded on a deserted road. 550 more words

7 Ways to a better mileage

Mileage is the distance covered by your car in miles on a gallon of fuel. Here are 7 ways you could save money by improving your car’s mileage inclusive one very important tip that every car owners should have! 416 more words

One small device, one HUGE difference for your car.

Car accessories and extras provide an additional level of snazz or convenience to your otherwise standard car. Some of them are primarily cosmetic, like steering wheel covers and upholstery, whereas some are functional, like dash-cams and GPS screens. 257 more words

New on the road? Here's CARMEN and why it's a MUST have!

One in five new drivers faces breakdowns within their first year of driving. It is inevitable to not get into car troubles especially if you are new on the road but there are various ways to prevent it. 583 more words