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Stressing about everything

A lot has happened since last we spoke….. Or since last I spoke I suppose…. My car broke down on the way to my camping trip, so I was all anxious for nothing because I wasn’t even able to go. 226 more words

Oh, the struggles!

Road tripping, even on a small scale, can come with some hardships no matter how much you prepare. Before we left we had basic car maintenance done, oil change and transmission flush, and we had a family member give it a once over which included getting the radiator fixed and a/c recharged. 810 more words

Road Trips

Road Trips

We took two types of road trips.  The first one was when we drove as far as the Volvo wanted to take us.

As we traveled through the countryside I enjoyed the mountains  and the clouds until the left blinker stopped working, the freeway was downhill, rain was pouring and there were trucks in several lanes.  552 more words


And then the tears came... (the incident of the flat tyre)

So let me share a little story….

Last night did not quite go to plan – I set off for town just on time and started to hear a weird thumping noise. 598 more words

sigh..did i actually have a meltdown today?

i don’t wanna say i’ve had a rough day so far, cuz that would take away the significance of the days when i’m having a horrible, awful day. 622 more words

Ditch 1-Janine 0

So today I managed to prove what an absolute fuckwit I can really be sometimes.

I always knew that I was slightly stupid, but today proved to me, my children and several members of the unsuspecting public how much of a tool I really am. 947 more words

Crash Ba-boom – This thing called Life

My life was put on hold yesterday when I became a victim of a car accident. An elderly lady failed to stop at a red light as I was passing through the green light and struck the side of my brand new car. 523 more words

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