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Understanding Your Car’s OBD and How It Works

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Every car owner knows how frustrating it is when their ride breaks down, especially in the middle of the road. It is even more frustrating when they don’t know the cause behind it. 558 more words



So I sat down to write to you in a brief sunny spot I saw in the common room of the hostel I’m staying at. I sat down, and some old New Yorker guy walked right up to me and plugged BOTH of his phones into my outlet. 426 more words

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Family Rescue

This will probably come as no surprise to you, but I’m not a fan of off-roading. For one thing, vehicles are expensive. I don’t drive a rig with scratches and I don’t want covered with mud either. 1,498 more words

From a Boy to a Man

I’ve already been struggling with my boys, specifically my oldest, who is 13, maturing so quickly so recently. He’s already an inch and a half taller than me, has a deep voice, and refuses to hug me with both arms in public. 171 more words

I am Beyond Nervous (Daily Word Prompt is Nervous)

I’m having surgery on St. Patrick’s Day.

I am nervous.

Fixing my ankle and possibly my knee as well.

I am nervous.

Had my pre-op appointment today. 158 more words

Bipolar DIsorder

How to Save on a Tight Budget

An emergency fund is not only useful to help you pay for unexpected car problems, household emergencies or unforeseen hospital bills, but it can critically determine whether you remain able to keep a roof over your head. 669 more words

Personal Finances

The Best Laid Plans...

Per my best laid plans, I was to depart Southern Maryland tomorrow morning for the return trip to New England.


This afternoon I had a bit of car trouble. 179 more words