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Top 10 Car Features Most Consumers Want

Generally, people worry more about the engine, the overall look, and the price of the car when planning to buy. But you’ve gotta admit that these features are one of the plus points for any buyer when it comes to decision making. 541 more words

Car Maintenance Myths

You might have heard a lot of car maintenance myths, but hey, don’t believe them easily for they are just MYTHS! To clear things up, here are the truth about these myths! 15 more words

Scary And Dangerous Situation That May Happen When You’re On The Road

The thing about driving a car on the road is that no matter how pre cautious you are and no matter how skilled you are as a driver, there are some situations that will just catch you off guard. 489 more words

Midas Australia

Are you a car owner? Are you looking to buy a new car? Are you annoyed of hefty bills whenever you visit your car service centre? 346 more words

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Winter's here, time to give your car some winter TLC

We hope of course, that you haven’t been effected in any bad way by Storm Angus this last weekend, but boy was it a powerful (literally) reminder to get your car ready for winter! 320 more words

Car Servicing And Repairs

That's what we call a love letter

As we always say “We love happy customers. And it really rocks our world when they love us back by giving us good feedback on our services.” This one here is no exception. 296 more words

Car Servicing And Repairs

Top 8 Car Maintenance Rules That You Should Live By

Whether you’re a new driver or a veteran one, these car maintenance rules should be followed at all times. Otherwise, you’re not just risking your car’s running and physical condition, but you could also be spending money when you could have saved it and even risking your safety on the road. 441 more words