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Yesterday Was a BAD Day!

If you follow me on Facebook, then you’ve most likely already read the story of Sam’s wreck. Yesterday evening, he was in a horrible car accident.  374 more words


Watch These People Lift A Car Off Of Somebody Pinned Underneath It! [VIDEO]

When a car hit a woman riding a motorcycle and pinned her under the car, first responders and bystanders became heroes when they got together and lifted the car off of the woman! 186 more words


just one of those months...

Today’s forecast:

anxiety Anxiety ANXIETY!!! Head is spinning. Please don’t cry. Breathe…breathe slower. Why won’t this lump get out of my throat? Am I still breathing? 432 more words

After Crash

So, I was in a car wreck yesterday.

I was the middle car in a three car pile-up, otherwise known as “the poor bastard whose car gets pancaked.” I’m all right, just a little scratched up, but my mental health is definitely in question. 164 more words

Stuff Sarah Says

Do you see Death and not realize it?

It happened again, yesterday. I was at a stoplight, in an unfamiliar route to the dojo; I got sidetracked and had to take an alternate way. 182 more words


Getting Off Victim Island

This one. Crucial.

While rabidly asking, “WTF!!!!!” about this whole concept of Attraction yesterday, I googled my teeth-gnashing, frothing-nuh-uhhh-I-call-bullshit question that has been scratching at my scabs since the first time I heard the concept: How in the ice-choked ten hells can a toddler ask for and call in something like rape? 415 more words


LEAKED: Bus Footage From Caitlyn Jenner's Deadly Accident

There are still proceedings going on with the deadly car accident Caitlyn Jenner was involved in and with that THIS new piece of footage has leaked out. 13 more words