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One Careless Mistake

One careless mistake behind the wheel of a car can change someone forever.

When I started driving, I was so worried about being rear ended. I always stopped with plenty of room between me and the car in front of me to try and prevent this. 353 more words

I'm Okay. I'm Okay. . . I'm Not Okay!

I knew the road was dangerous. But, I had to take it anyway. Ever feel that way? Maybe a snowstorm comes through and you realize that you have no choice, but to drive in it. 1,302 more words

Personal Development

Dennis Coburn, Suspect in Assault of BCSO Deputy, Turns Himself In

Some of you may have read about  21-year old Dennis Coburn from the Summerdale area who has been listed as the suspect who collided with a Baldwin County deputy early Saturday morning. 684 more words

What to Do When You Crash Your Car in Mexico

I don’t recommend crashing a car.  Ever.  But if you do have to crash a car, it’s nice to do it from the comfort of your own country.   1,934 more words

Baha California Sur

Texas Couple Buys Used Car That Had Roof Attached With Glue

NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – The survivors of a fiery crash claim a dealership’s body shop cut corners on a repair job and caused their car buckle in a wreck. 373 more words


Top 25 Causes of Accidents: Road Rage

Everyone has been angry at another driver for one reason or another, but some drivers let their rage overcome them. By tailgating another driver in anger or speeding past drivers only to pull in front of them and brake can cause many needless car accidents each year. 628 more words


Mama's Miracle Healing

Being awakened by the hand of my father early one spring morning in 1951, I could hear his voice calling my name,  “Rayford, wake up”.  Through my very young sleepy eyes I sensed something terribly wrong.  4,364 more words