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The night it Happened

Few days ago me and my friend were coming to home after work .ย  we left office atย 1 am and that day I had driven to work in my own car instead of boarding office cab , coz it was weekend so I decided to bring my own car and my friend who happens to be a female and my co worker left work late at night. 376 more words


8 Ways you are ruining your Car

1. Ignoring Your Carโ€™s Sounds

If you pay attention, your car can often tell you exactly what needs fixing. For example, those squealing brakes mean you need new pads, and if you ignore that sound, eventually youโ€™ll hear scraping metal, which means you need new rotors. 591 more words


4 Inch Speakers | Droppin HZ Car Audio

4 Inch Speakers at Droppin HZ Car Audio, best deals online, Instant financing available on 4 inch speakers. See your new 4 inch speakers here. 9 more words

Top Five Ways the Heat Affects Your Car - And What to Do About It

Summer is within complete swing, in addition to mercury is increasing faster than the federal shortage. The warmth is hard on us people, but it requires a much greater toll on all of our cars. 889 more words


How To Spend Holiday in Jaipur

Jaipur Local Tours

Jaipur is the capital of the condition of Rajasthan is famously known as the ‘pink city’ as the buildings in its old, walled city are all developed in pink-hued sandstone. 402 more words


Meeting Old Blue, Part 1


I took in a deep breath and slowly let it out. My fingers clenched the steering wheel as I successfully held back tears.

Something about being on the cusp of changing your life is all encompassing. 260 more words