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Mini Review - 205/55/16 Westlake SP06 on Dacia Stepway.

Not a full mini review, but initial notes on this budget tyre (£44 fitted!) – I’ve covered 700(ish) miles since having these fitted and have noticed that the dry grip is pretty much the same as the Goodyears, wet grip is better but ride comfort isn’t – smooth road they are excellent but we live in the UK! 37 more words


Mini Review - Osram Nightbreakers - H4, fitted to Dacia Stepway.

Bright light, bright light…..OK, I’m not Gizmo, but even he’d say these are brighter, crisper lights than the OE Osrams fitted – more lumens than standard but at a shorter life expectancy, a trade off I’m happy with.


Mini Review - 205/55/16 Goodyear Efficient Grip on Dacia Stepway

19,000 miles from new and now they need replacing, great in the dry but not so good cornering on the wet and have a habit of sliding if pushed even just a little. 24 more words


Affordable Used Cars For Sale Is Not A Gimmick

Looking for an affordable and branded car is so much true these days. You are able to get the most beautiful car that you think best for you in affordable price. 230 more words


Site Update #1

Thanks so much for your interest of GTA IV Tampa. I had a great time making the model.

If you test drive that car, you would notice how fast it goes on a straight line, but it quickly spins out of control when you try to turn. 103 more words