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Does anyone of you ever like to sit by a window and stare at the rain or is it just me.? Did you know the smell of rain can help reduce stress and cheer you up, upto a 60%? 783 more words


Salted caramel sauce 

This is a sauce that you NEED TO MASTER at. Not that its complicated or anything but it requires your 100% attention.

So to make this you will need : 424 more words


Easy homemade caramel sauce

This is a sauce that everyone should know how to make as it is one of the most known sauces which is also very versatile as it could be used in many different ways like for ice cream toppings, drizzle on french toast or waffles, use a dip for fruits, make honeycombs and you could even make a delicious cup of caramel coffee! 171 more words

Salted Caramel Sauce

Hi guys,

Today I have a salted caramel sauce, and it is really good! I’ve made it twice, and it has turned out great both times. 274 more words


Easy caramel sauce

My family love caramel sauce! We use it on waffles on Bathurst morning, on ice-cream with caramel popcorn on movie night, as a side to scrumptious cakes… the list goes on! 211 more words

In The Kitchen

Sweets to the ...

… well, ME.

A change up from the endless bread posts.

I tried out a recipe for red velvet cake for the first time by making a half batch and baking cupcakes. 387 more words


Hot Sugar - Caramel Sauce - Pancakes

I read a book for teaching students important techniques for cooking (Le Cordon Bleu Complete Cooking Techniques). I have always wanted to make sauces with sugar. 751 more words