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Custom Jewellery

Gemoro offers a unique service that goes over and above the principles of many jewellery brands: CUSTOM JEWELLERY. Our clients are extremely satisfied with the journey of a custom piece; from the first meeting until the final product. 43 more words


February is Amethyst Birth Stone Month

We are deep into February now and traditionally this is the month where those with a birthday celebrate the beauty of amethyst.  At Gemoro Jewellery… 239 more words

Gemoro Jewellery Dubai

Jewellery of the Week at Gemoro Jewellery

This week we decided to create a video blog comprising all our recent “jewellery of the week” videos from our YouTube channel.


Gemoro Jewellery Dubai And The 4 C's of Diamond Buying

The creation of the 4 c’s standard for diamonds means customers now know exactly what they are buying.  Prior to the creation of this industry standard in the mid 20th century there was no agreed upon standard upon which diamonds could be judged. 424 more words

Gemoro Jewellery Dubai

Guy's Guide to Choosing an Engagement Ring

Although love is a beautiful thing, choosing an engagement ring causes anxiety in countless grooms to be. Not only is it one of the most expensive things that you will purchase, you also have to choose between many styles, shapes and cuts. 372 more words

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Pink Beauty

Pink is not my favorite color. That may have changed slightly. Sotheby‘s is auctioning a huge diamond. At 59 carats plus, they expect it to sell for one million per carat. 179 more words


Where does it all begin?

Where does anything begin?

A tiny spark. A sparkle.

In my case, it was on W 47th St, NY. My boyfriend (at the time) and I were walking through the buzz – – and we fell into one of the finest antique vendors,  189 more words